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Joe E
Im a blunt jerkface...
Im a blunt jerkface...

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That was a load off my chest.

Hmm, i received a call from Human Rights in regards of my complaint. The wheels are starting to roll...

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Reminds me of work.

Bunch of Corporate fuckers that only care about their bottom line.
Paypal can eat a bunch of dicks. Thanks to +Wil Wheaton for pointing this out.

"I can never get a Samsung. I'm creative".

"Dude, your a barista".

Best. Line. Ever.

I may not say much, but I do serve up a good payback.

Ugh... Can't sleep

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Wow..... So obvious!

Its been an hour and i'm still on queen street west. FU Gardiner expressway. 
1479 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
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