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Beth Byrge
I recently discovered sewing and cannot get enough!
I recently discovered sewing and cannot get enough!

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Merino Union St. Tee
If you know me in real life, you know that I'm a bit obsessed with wool. I'm a huge fan of using wool in cloth diapering (specifically from the company Sloomb ) and that love has crept over into my wardrobe too. Lately, I've been crushing HARD on all the go...

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New Collection from AUrate
I've mentioned the book The Curated Closet a few times. It's been a great resource for defining my personal style (instead of just saying "I like that!"). Part of the process is collecting images and then figuring out exactly why a certain look or outfit ap...

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Anthropologie Cardigan Knock-Off
I recently noticed a gaping hole in my wardrobe when it came to a lightweight summer cardigan. Y'know the kind, usually lacey or knitted, drapey, looks gorgeous on the model? A little oversized and oh-so-snuggly? Perfect for wearing around the campfire? Rig...

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Cheeky Chonies no-show undies
A quick post today for a short holiday week (here in the states anyway!). If handmade undies aren't your thing, you can probably skip over this one, but I was so excited to find a pattern like this that I had to share! I have a few garments where VPL can be...

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Pink Twill Kelly Anorak
If you follow me on Instagram you may be wondering what happened to this jacket, if I had set it on fire the way I had threatened many times. I did not destroy it, despite many problems during construction I did finish it, just before I went on vacation. I ...

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Laundry Day Tank Tops
Is there anything more satisfying than using up large scraps, AND finding a TNT all at the same time? I've been in need of some new tank tops this summer. I have a ton already, but most of them are close-fitting. I'm still working on that post-three-babies-...

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Capsule Travel Wardrobe
Hi everyone! I'm back from my much-needed vacation and today I'm sharing my travel capsule wardrobe. I am a classic over-packer, but for this trip space was a concern and I HAD to get my packing under control. I turned to Pinterest for help and came across ...

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Kids' Duffle Bags
I've mentioned my upcoming vacation a couple times, and today I'm sharing a last-minute project perfect for summer trips! I spent weeks constructing my own Portside Duffle , only to realize that my kids don't have anything similar. Since adding a third chil...

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Casual Summer Dress
Someone who loves knits as much as I do should have a TNT dress pattern by now, right? On a warm summer day, nothing beats tossing on a sleeveless dress, but I'm still trying to find my perfect pattern for such a thing. I think with a few tweaks, this one c...

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Color-blocked Santa Fe
No need to reinvent the wheel today, but I've got a fun new top to share! Despite my reservations about the sleeveless Santa Fe  tops I've made, I've been wearing the heck out of my version with sleeves. Once I sewed the last stitch of my Kelly Anorak, I kn...
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