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Ian Gazzard
54 Degrees North Landscape Photographer and keen wonder lusting... Belfast
54 Degrees North Landscape Photographer and keen wonder lusting... Belfast

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The Giants Causeway... N. Ireland.. with its basalt polygonal columns from its volcanic activity 60 million years ago is a moody place in the fading light and has a dramatic effect on the senses. I love this place and always throws up new opportunities. Hope you enjoy this one! Its been a while since my posts. Enjoy your evening. Cheers.. Ian   

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Dawn on this beaut Lough Erne's Bay in County Fermanagh N.Ireland. The early mist and cloud at first light of this morning  was almost monochromatic and I got some nice shots but with the sun ascending things got colourful as I set up on the end of this Jetty for the next 10 mins or so. 
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Early morning sunrise on Strangford lough at Island hilI I set up around these remnants of an old jetty, I shot it with some negative space to the left and with the lack of cloud and the early mist gave it the simplicity feel I was after. Beautiful Morning!
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Early morning from Scrabo Hill I was given a pretty dramatic light show with these huge shards of light bursting through a particularly misty morning down the miles stretch of the Ards peninsula in N.Ireland. Its a great vista with Scotland and Isle of white even visible on a good day but I homed in on this part as this seemed to be where the action was on this morning anyway.. 
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Mussenden Temple near downhill,castle rock. Northern Ireland. 
I just printed this image into my exhibition range this week to 150cm x 75cm where I exhibited my work at the local art market in Belfast today with some pics over at 
This was one of the last places I visited on my road trip recently of this coastline during sunset on the north sea cliffs of the beautiful  Downhill beach and incoming Atlantic Ocean. After climbing over the wall to set up my shot my presence was made unwelcome from the local sea birds with various gulls bombing toward me and made my time on the cliff a little more precarious. It was along way down so I was sure to capture and find comfort in being on the right side of the wall. I guess it there for a reason! Obviously ;-)     curated #plusphotoextract   +Jarek Klimek   
#beachsunday   +Ross Campbell 
+Landscape Photography  #landscapephotography    by +Margaret Tompkins  +HQSPPromotion    #hqsppromotion    by +Rinus Bakker     
I am hopefully away on another road trip this week so forgive my early posting for  
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Here is another shot for my latitude album feel free to explore :) This one from my trip up the Antrim coast in N'Ireland. Ballintoy's sea stacks give a primordial view up this coastline and with unsettled weather for a few days I was pretty stoked to see some colour again when they clouds cleared around dusk before I headed east. Camper van .. parked up not to far from here... so I was only too happy to explore in this light before dark..
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#widewednesdaypanorama   +Andrew Marston  +Ken McMahon  
#travelpanowednesday   by +Rolf Hicker 
#wideanglewednesday   by +Asif Patel 
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Big thanks to  +Chris Macidis  and  +CircleCount  for my inclusion in The Cream of the Crop for June the 26th.. Congrats to everyone else! Fantastic Great stuff :)
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This was the first circle I added when I first joined G plus and I have made some great connections through this circle so I am made up to be included +Johan Peijnenburg Thank you sir! I know I am in the best of company.. Many thanks :)

Here is version 7 of the Nature & Landscape Photographers circle. I reviewed about 700 profiles for this update and selected the 375 photographers I liked best. There are about 130 new additions! I will list  them in the comments ...

To get into this circle, you don't have to re-share it, circle me back or send me candy. Just make sure to share awesome nature and landscape images. It's that simple!!!

Want to be (re-)considered for inclusion? Leave a comment or contact me directly, if you feel you meet the criteria: posting primarily good nature and landscape images on G+ on a regular basis. Next update: end of August 2012

Tag:  #NLPV7

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Another shot taken from my Antrim coast trip taken on Murlough bay placed in the north-eastern corner of Northern Ireland . This windswept tree overhangs one of its cliff faces pointing out to the Irish sea so I used a long exposure silhouetting the tree against the moving cloud and was pleased with the result once toned...  
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Shuffling :) Great to see another one of my images in the  P extract :) We all work hard to get selected and its always an honour to be included! Guess it was my lucky day! Thanks +Jarek Klimek 
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