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Since 1980, the steel industry has reduced the materials needed to make steel by nearly 21 percent. #EarthDay
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Happy EARTH WEEK everybody! Hosting an event or talking to your kids about environmental responsibility? We have ways to help! 
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Thanks again to State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) for having us speak during their Market Conversations webinar series yesterday! To see what webinars they have coming up, visit their website:
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Picard DOES have a point here. Fortunately, steel is both the most recycled material AND has an average minimum of 25 percent recycled content. #SteelMemeFriday
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More than 15,000 U.S. recycling programs accept empty steel aerosol containers. #Recycle   #EarthDay   #EarthDay2014  
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To celebrate Earth Day tomorrow we'll be posting 25 Earth Day Tweets in 24 hours, starting at midnight tonight! Follow along on our Twitter page:
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That sounds so exciting! My workplace is hosting a service project that day, so that's my Earth Day participation. But I do think that once our move is done, we'll have some recycling to do. Thiago |
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We try to be humble, but sometimes the facts speak for themselves. #SteelMemeFriday
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Does anyone remember "The New Steel" campaign? I bet this photographer does! #ThrowbackThursday  
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The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) is the environmental arm of the North American steel industry. The SRI is an informational and technical resource for recycling, life cycle assessment and sustainability. SRI advocates the use of steel to meet environmental goals in its wide and diverse products, including containers, appliances, construction, infrastructure and vehicles. The SRI educates the solid waste industry, government, businesses and ultimately the consumer about steel's recycling accomplishments and the sustainable advancements of the North American steel industry.

The North American steel industry is committed to principles of sustainability while manufacturing innovative products that meet society's needs and support our economy. The SRI documents the commitment to these principles as sustainable business is vital to supporting our vision: “Steel is widely recognized as the material which augments the well-being of people and the planet.”

The education and promotion of steel sustainability also defines the environmental industry overall. For example, the difference between a product being recycled and “being recyclable” is an important distinction that the SRI continues to express through their programs.

North American steel companies and the American Iron and Steel Institute directly support SRI's efforts to continue grassroots effort with both the public and private sectors to increase the volume of steel being diverted from our nation's finite landfill space and return it to the steel industry for recycling. Clearly, steel’s recycling accomplishments save enormous energy and nature’s resources.

In response to increasing interest in sustainability, SRI documents steel's sustainable accomplishments by way of life cycle assessment. In the same way the SRI worked to make steel North America's most recycled material, the SRI documents steel's sustainability by recognizing and valuing the interdependence of environmental, social and economic advances. These principles of sustainability will show steel as the most sustainable material.

SRI’s main area of activities, include:

·         Providing local representation for steel in efforts related to the recycling of steel and steel products

·         Building, maintaining and documenting the national infrastructure for recycling programs accepting steel products and other recyclables.

·         Working with interested parties to develop and promote the latest and most efficient steel recycling practices

·         Developing standards-based, multi-material educational curricula to engage future generations of recyclers

·         Partnering with recycling coordinators and institutions to promote the benefits of steel material inclusion in recycling programming

·         Documenting steel’s recycling accomplishments, including bethe fact that steel ising recycled more than paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and copper combined

·         Cultivating a North American life cycle profile for steel manufactured in North America

For more information on the steel industry’s sustainable efforts visit: or Or follow the SRI on Twitter @EnviroMetal. 
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