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Julian Harris
Passionate about software design, music and photography
Passionate about software design, music and photography


Today's data collectors are tomorrow's winners. #ai #machine-learning

If you had a day in the week when you had nothing else to do (no work, family, school) what would you do?

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What do you think will be different about how software is designed and built in 2020?

+Malte Ubl congrats on the new G+. Your underlying JS pieces have completely transformed the experience. "G+" and "Snappy". Never thought I'd say them in the same sentence.

Kiwi tech people: anyone interested in a DevOps conference in NZ or know who might be interested? A mate is looking to organise it.
+Richard Vowles
+Mark Derricutt
+Mark Norman
+Lukas Svoboda
+Adrian Krzyzewski
+David Gladstone
+Karl Leaning

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Enable 2 factor authentication on your email. Now. Passwords are not enough and haven't been for several years.

Another friend just had his email account hijacked. If your email is anything like mine it will have an insane amount of material perfect for identity theft. You DO not want your identity stolen: it is ugly, expensive, and hangs around for years. To say nothing of other nasty things the hackers can do: use your account for illegal activity, spam, and propagation of further hijacks. It's a nasty nasty business.

Thankfully, it can be very easily mitigated with 2 factor / 2 step authentication: mostly in the form of an sms code. All major email providers offer it (thanks to Google's leadership). Twitter and Slack offer it too.

Make 2FA the one new years resolution you plan to honour.

Now, please.

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Engineer Builds a Functional Miniature V8 Engine Using Only Paper
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