My favorite science related podcasts.

My journey into the Skeptic movement started with a new ipod.  I found one podcast, Point of Inquiry, and that led me to a bunch of others.  I thought I would list some of my favorites.  And no, I don't listen to every single one every week.  

Everybody has different tastes, and my bias is to podcasts that are short format, more focused, and interview or news based.  With a couple of notable exceptions I avoid the longer podcasts and I really don't like panels where people banter back and forth.

So here goes, in no particular order.  What do you like?

Astronomy Cast
+Pamela Gay and +Fraser Cain have built up, over the last few years, a veritable reference library of astronomy topics, and I can't count the number of times I've referenced the podcast when people have asked astronomy questions on online forums.  Whenever I'm out observing I always put it on.

Every week, +Brian Dunning picks a topic and eviscerates it.  It's short, fun, informative, and often hilarious.  One of my favorite example (which must be listened to) is The Bloop

Skeptically Speaking
This is one of the few long form podcasts I listen to.  Desiree Schell and her team give sensational interviews to scientists on a wide variety of topics from quantum physics to breastfeeding.

Science Talk
Hosted by Steve Mirsky of Scientific American he interviews scientists--often related to what is going on that month in the magazine.

The Naked Scientist
Another long form one I like.  This is more of a news show, but I really like the Kitchen Science bit that they do.  

Mark Crislip is an infectious disease specialist in Portland who blogs on Science Based Medicine.  This podcast is an often hilarious, sarcastic bordering on sardonic view of "alternative" medicines.

Point of Inquiry
I liked this one a little better when D.J. Grothe was running it, but it's still good.  This one tends to be more political under Chris Mooney's direction, but it focuses on topics of skepticism, science and the politics of science.  I could do without the politics, but that's the modern reality.  Look in the archives for the interviews that Karen Stolznow did.  They're really good.  And many of Chris Mooney's are fantastic as well, especially when he interviews scientists.

There are others, but the above are my favorites.  What do you like?
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