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Joey Olivo has earned the reputation of being an innovative and highly motivating strength coach and trainer. He has been all over the fitness and sports performance industry since 2004 and has held various certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, KBC, and USAW Olympic Weightlifting. Currently, he is pursuing his CSCS, and is a high-level candidate for the upcoming RKC certification, as well as a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 

He has worked with various clients of all levels from beginning trainees, to high-level division one college athletes. This broad spectrum of experience and his multi-disciplinary approach to training allow him to recognize when to use the right tools at the right times. He stays on the cutting edge of the industry by constantly striving to find the latest, most up to date knowledge and information to help people better themselves faster.

Do not hesitate to ask, whether your goals are to develop a lean physique, or become bigger, faster and stronger - Joey has the experience and dedication to get you going in the right direction!

I am currently getting ready to host a 12 hour Kettlebell Workshop in NYC | For more info:

Philosophies on Strength Training

Trainer vs. Coach

A trainer is someone who simply teaches exercises.
As a coach, my level of expectation is way higher, the motivation is much higher, the work is much harder. I want a lot more, and expect to accomplish a lot more in every session. By holding my clients to a higher standard, I obtain a higher level of results from those who bring the heart.


Strength is fundamental. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength must be trained to become indestructible.
If you do not know your weaknesses, someone will find them for you.

We only have one body, this one vehicle is supposed to last us the rest of our lives - so please take care of it!
The body is works as a unit, not in segments - train your body as a whole, and you will get your results faster.
A part of your training should be geared towards better, more fluid movement. Do a little every day!
If most people focused on strength and building a stronger body, their lives would greatly improve, and their results would come much faster.

Quotes to live by -

Dan John has been a huge influence on the my training style and beliefs. These are some of his most famous quotes that I live by, these quotes work in life, love, and lifting:

“If its important, do it everyday.”

“The number one rule to success is to show up!”

“Look at your goals.  Look at your behavior.  Does your behavior match your goals?”

“The goal is to keep the goal, the goal.” - (My favorite - don’t ever lose sight of your goal!)

The point is to make yourself a little bit better every single time you set foot in the gym, just make yourself better by 1% everyday. If you follow this, then think about where you will be a week from now, or even a month from now!

Reach higher, get better everyday, and learn to expect more of yourself ~

Stay strong,