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EMIELLIANO - Musician, Graphic Designer, living in Rotterdam The Netherlandse.

Wsup everybody!
Feeling all good?

Emielliano, 010/Rotterdam
Busy with music when he still was a kid.
Practicing with his brothers guitar, sitting alone in his room and just starts practicing playing the guitar and learned to play along with songs like:

Pearl Jam: Alive, Black, State Of Love And Trust....,
Nirvana: My Girl...,
N.E.R.D: You Know What..,
Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way, Fields of Joy.. etc,

When you grow older, you come across happy and sad times.. but you'll learn from it. So everybody is shaping himself everyday.

He took his own road and it changed him as a person and in music. And became the person he is and what he is till the day of today

The tracks he drops is just what comes up. All comes when he strolls.
He makes something, He drops it, you like it?, Then just stroll along. So that's why the 'line' is called 'Stroll Along' and it doesn't matter what he drops in the Stroll Along line because that line is 'Experimental, Demo, Unofficial, Mixtape etc.
It's still an experimental journey for me him. When time comes tracks will fit together and create their own lives.

I hope you like it and feel free to spread the love!

Let Love Rule!


"Its a rough edit, can't afford the mastering and mixing right now so it is what it is! I hope anyone who listens likes it and hates on it for what it is and not for what it isn't...
enjoy yall!"

   - Penz Ill
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