300 million ap at last.

Was going to do the last just under 2.2 mill over the weekend. But hey I managed to do it in 13 hours with various breaks for food and the calls of nature. 😂

Here we go. Arrived at London Bridge Station at 7.45. The area was nice a blue. Just how I was hoping to start. Made a slight mistake calculation and arrive a bit burster heavy. No probs managed to use a couple of hundred before leaving the area. Link and field was the order of the day.

Once London Bridge was a bit greener off to my normal work area. I love this area for ingressing its so portal dense. It also has the benefit of being able to do lots of layered fields.

Linked up Bank all the way to my office just as I was almost finished. The smurf that works near by desides it's home time. Oh well let's link it up again. 😂.

Three quarters of way through linking it up. 2 other smurfs turn up. Had a nice chat with one of them. One was chasing lvl 16 and the other was after fields.

Ok must be time to leave the area. A quick look at intel and North West of me a nice blue area. Yay smashy time again. If you don't know me it is my favourite part of the game. ☺.

Now that's smashed and green back to Bank. Smashed the blue linked and fielded again.

Was aiming to hit the number on the nose but go a bit quick on the deploy button. Dam dam dam 15 ap over the number.

What a great day its been. Cold but great.

Thank you to everyone that offered me kit. But as I said this was a solo challenge. My personnel best for ap gained in a day before today was 1.6mill. Today just I managed just under 2.2 million.

Also thank you smurfs for being smurfs. Without you guys and girls it would be very boring. 😂 😂

Today's stats were.

+2,165,121 AP
+15 Unique Portals Visited
+2,201,820 XM Collected
+35 Distance Walked
+2,697 Resonators Deployed
+807 Links Created
+601 Control Fields Created
+4,281 Mind Units Captured
+447,450 XM Recharged
+378 Portals Captured
+27 Unique Portals Captured
+302 Mods Deployed
+1,661 Resonators Destroyed
+333 Portals Neutralized
+387 Enemy Links Destroyed
+206 Enemy Control Fields Destroyed
+616 Hacks
+2,397 Glyph Hack Points

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