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Is there a way to use fonts that look "old" like times new roman o something like that? In the list of fonts I only see "arial" family fonts (Sorry about my lack of font knowledge)

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I'm a Macross fan and also like classic watch faces, so I made this classic looking watch and added a Macross U.N. Spacy logo. Hope you like it.

Here is the link to download:
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Does anyone know how to launch a custom app on the watch from a tap action? Thnx in advance for your help.

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Another way to deal with the flat tire. Just using the biggest circle you can have without touching the flat tire, and then fill the extra space with info. In this case, watch and phone battery indicators.

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Hi... as many of you asked... I made versions for Skull Squadron Insignia... and added SMS and SMS Skull ones... here is the whole package...

(Credits to +Terry Zahn  for the hands...)
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Here is my U.N. Spacy themed Watch Face... The hands are from LM4 and Bvlgary by +Terry Zahn 
(Battery on the left dial and heart rate on the right dial)

Hi... I'm new to creating watchfaces, but I like to ask if someone knows what is the heart rate monitor refresh rate... I'm creating a watch face and I would like it to display the heart rate while I'm trekking... But it seems that the refresh rate is too long...

Any help is welcome

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Just finished my SDF-1 (Movie version)
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