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Let's grow this theme.
Let's grow this theme.


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This is a great way to recycle and do something for our important pollinators.

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This is a really cool insect hotel that I saw on holiday, at an organic rice farm in the Ebro Delta, Spain. Looks like it is made from old pallets, which have been painted and then stuffed full of all manner of things. It has a little thatched roof to match the visitor centre behind (which was never open!). The sign beside it written in Catalan, Spanish and English made us laugh, it said "Who are the tenats in Bugginham Palace?". Their typo, not mine :-)

For ++In Praise of Polllinators curated by +Dusty Gedge #inpraiseofpollinators
+GardeningWednesday curated by +Juliane Clausen +Jan Aynes and +Grant Meyer #gardeningwednesday  
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We are happy to announce that we've got a new co-curator. Welcome +Grant Meyer to our theme. 
From now on +GardeningWednesday is curated by +Juliane Clausen, +Jan Aynes and +Grant Meyer
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Hello my gardening friends and contributors to the +GardeningWednesday theme. 
I've been a bit busy and quiet but I promise to curate all your great contributions from yesterday now. My melon and my pepper plant are doing well and I can harvest strawberries daily. 
Gardening (6 photos)
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This is the #gardeningwednesday  circle from the contributors of the last +GardeningWednesday s I hope you enjoy. 
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Please tag your contributions with our theme page

We cannot tag your photos anymore because of a bug in the g+ notifications (the system spammed us with every update about new photos or comments on every photo in the same album the tagged photo appeared). If you want your photo to appear on the theme page please tag the page yourself. 

The bug only appears on our side, you won't get notification spam for tagging pages in your photos.
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Gardening Wednesday Contributors

I haven't shared this for a while, so this is the contributors circle from the last gardening Wednesdays. Thank you for sharing with us!
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Sorry if we missed your post, please notify us again if we didn't comment on your contribution. It happens every week that I stumble upon posts I didn't get a notification for. So please feel free to tell us in the comments or notify us again.
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Share your gardening photos and posts on Wednesday.

Somewhere on the planet Wednesday started, so let the fun begin!

To share something with #GardeningWednesday
1. Use the hashtag #GardeningWednesday
2. Mention the curators +Juliane Clausen and +Jan Aynes
3. Circle the theme page +GardeningWednesday
4. Tag the page +GardeningWednesday in the photo or graphic.

Which content do we like to see:
- Photos, Videos
- Drawings, Paintings, Art
- Questions
- Tips
- Ideas
- All sorts of creativity related to the topic.
Please try to add at least one image to your post.
What we do NOT like to see:
- Content that is not yours but copied (you may share the link to a page or reshare someones elses post)
- Animated gifs (seriously, if you like to share animated gifs make your own theme)
- Spam (if you use this theme to promote your business we will report you for spam)
- Anything what is against the rules of this social network (you know the rules, don't you?)
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These are people who contributed to #gardeningwednesday  on one or more of the last three Wednesdays. Thank you for contributing and I'm looking forward to next Wednesday.
In the meantime you can visit our page +GardeningWednesday and view all the tagged photos.
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Originally shared by ****
Taking cuttings  

Along with dividing and growing from seed, taking cuttings is a great way to multiply your plant stock, free.

for +GardeningWednesday  #GardeningWednesday  
+Juliane Clausen +Jan Aynes 

#gardening   #propagating   #cuttings  
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