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My friend, Ocean Morisset, has captured the magic hidden in a Hudson Valley town where I once lived!
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Love this!!!!

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This kid is so funny &. cute & lovin every minute of this!
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My Dad's newest book (post mortem..... which he dedicated MOST of his life putting together until the day he died). I think he would be very pleased that it is finally out! :)
A release of the facsimile of W. Eugene Smith’s informally titled “Big Book,” which sometimes paired iconic images with family snapshots, invites a reassessment of the photographer as artist.
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I will look further into this .. I respect one efforts and the energy it takes to deliver its message.. Tony 
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W. Eugene Smith is regarded as one of the most famous photojournalists of the 20th century, but his extensive personal project documenting the jazz scene of a 1960s New York City loft is only recently...
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Congratulations to all these talents!
All this week, we'll be helping the PEN American Center announce the longlists for their 2016 PEN Literary Awards. First up: the PEN/Robert W. Bingham and PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Awards. PEN/Rob...
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I joined a book club, too. We don't have good adventures but we eat a lot of snacks! I also joined to meet new people. It's fun.
Just to answer your question, no, I'm not 48 and rediscovering my purpose in life. I just wanted to make friends! I just moved to a new city (if you could call it that) and I know NO ONE. Literally (this may have also contrib...
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Not sure why it posted that way. I might be able to try to figure it out tomorrow
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The cold is creeping closer & closer. A thick haze covers the sky. I think I live in a snow globe with settled snow & thick layer of calcium adhered to the globe. Maybe the outside is just filthy & needs a good scrub-a-dub-dub with a wild & windy thunder & lightning SNOW storm!
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Renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz has volunteered to do a special project to honor Scenic Hudson's 50 years of environmental work as well as some of the people and things that make the Hudson Valley special.
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The Kingston Daily Freeman is your source for all Hudson Valley 24-hour breaking news, local news, sports, entertainment and more. View daily weather updates, watch videos and photos. Keep up with Ki...
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Guess it will be the Winter home....
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Poem 54 prompt: Crashing Waves

Shore of Will. Imagine if you will, this landscape A picturesque metaphor, blue skies above Rolling green hills at your back, and the rocks

Poem # 53: Scent of the Seasons.

Scents of the Seasons. Summer burns with sunny warmth With the dryness of earth and plant Where air is harder to breath, and yet Infused wit

Poem number 52: Cat Video Prompt!

Blue Eyed Kitty Your eyes so blue Hold the universe true Like a starlit sky Held in your eye White as snow As if you know About my dreams Mo

#49: Moil

A Moiling Triolet. Life is worth all the extra moil Moments lovely even with heartache Like the peaceful working of the soil Life is worth a

Prompt 48: I wish I had known that.

Hindsight Wishes. In the days of my impetuous youth, I thought I knew everything I was wrong of course I wish I had known that Being a nerd

Poem 46 Prompt: Sounds of Monday

The Sounds of Monday Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. SLAP, slam, yoink, Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. That’s the first thing on Monday. The ever-persist

Poem # 45, Prompt: The Wind

The Weft of the Wind Some days I feel the wind so clearly Like it lays a gentle hand on my skin Or like a zephyr-child, plays with my hair.

Number 43 Prompt: Sleep

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream Eyelashes whisper, fluttering closed The day finally spent Harder than you supposed. Darkness like peace, like


What a beautiful day. Let me tell you why. And it isn't just because the sun is (finally) shining, and its a pleasant, breezy 70-something d

Number 40 Prompt: Falling

The Divine Sensation of Falling There are few things closer to death than falling. Where the heart disconnects completely Hovering there bet

Numper 38 Prompt: Emergency Exit

EXIT Sitting there Wherever you happen to be Spending the time so generously given In some of the very most Asinine ways. Sometimes When thi

#37: The Madness!!! A poem for Maddy

The Madness! She spreads her wings and flies away, She decides the fate of worlds each day She doesn’t always get her way But when she does?

Number 36: "To Jes."

Her heart is filled with vibrant fire And ancient paths through vast forests That tell grand stories in her dreams And allow room past the p