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7 Mobile Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid
Get mobile
marketing wrong and you can do far more damage to your brand than the
worst email or marketing campaign imaginable. When using SMS, be sure to avoid
these seven deadly sins in order to ensure maximum impact from your campaign. 1.        Forgettin...

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5 Things to Remember When You Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
Browsing the web via mobiles is no longer the
future. It is already the norm among millions of mobile users in the west and
is seeing massive growth in Asia as well. With India standing second in the
world in terms of the number of active mobile users in th...

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How You Can Ensure Mobile Security in Your Organization?
A majority of IT firms today allow Bring your own device (BYOD) due to the consumerization of IT in the modern workplace. That the
mobile phone has become a can’t-do-without in today’s life is a reality that
cannot be ignored. When employees are given the c...

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Custom Android Development is the Future!
Since it was first introduced in 2008, Google Android development has been
going places. Though primarily designed for touch-screen mobile devices such as
smart phones and tablets its use is not confined merely to them. Android is
increasingly being used fo...

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Mobile App Development- What You Need To Get Right?
Looking back at the days when mobile phones were
primarily a device to make calls, it almost seems like they were stone-age. But
now, with the mobile phone or rather the Smartphone having intruded every part
of our lives, and means of communication like ema...

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5 Tools That Simplify Mobile App Design for You
Design of the app is crucial to ensuring its
performance in the market. A good design ensures that users continuously use
the app, not just visit it once and move on. The main aim of your app design
should be to create a better user experience. At each stag...

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8 Tips to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website!
A mobile-friendly website is not something to be
decided upon today. Post Google’s search ranking update, it has become
imperative for everyone to have a mobile-friendly website. But for those of you
who have not begun it yet, there is still time left as Go...

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Benefits of Payment Channel Diversification for Mobile Banking
Technology has developed greatly in the last two
years and it is mobile that has led from the front.  Advances in technology, especially in regards
to devices, computers and other forms of modern communication have seen great
strides and advances in the las...

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How Your Mobile Website Development Should Work?
Mobile development has altered the course of
technology, innovation and communication. But behind every successful app, Smartphone,
and mobile website is a lot of strategising and nerve-wracking effort. Only a
combination of hard-nosed designers, developers...

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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid In App Development
Creating engaging and innovative apps is an
article. It’s also a systematic and steady process that involves ingenuity,
perseverance, attention to detail and above all, the zest to achieve. That was
about what you needed. But what should you avoid? What are...
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