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Mistakes are Gifts!
Mistakes aren't just okay , they are gifts ! Six years ago, I was attending some amazing professional development as part of the West Cook Math Initiative- now called Metro Chicago Math Initiative . We had a frequent guest facilitator, David Foster , leadin...

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Teacher Move: Strategic Eavesdropping
This is my first attempt at "vlogging." It's blogging but with video! This is pushing me out of my comfort zone a bit because, as most people, I hate seeing myself on video or hearing myself talk!! And look how my face is frozen in a weird way on the video ...

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Block Schedule Planning
I had an opportunity to teach on a 45-minute traditional class period schedule and a 90-minute block. Both models have their pros and cons. I think my own preference is block schedules because you have so much more time to dive into content. There are less ...

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What is the answer?
The Hows: How do we fix math education? How do we address issues of equity and access? How do we improve test scores? How do we choose curriculum materials that encourage inquiry, exploration, problem solving, and application? How do we improve number sense...

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1 Second Everyday
My new app obsession is  1 Second Everyday . The idea is to take 1 second of video each day and compile it into a video. I first purchased the app for my iPhone with the idea of capturing video of my kids. I've been doing it and it's great!! When you put al...

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#OneWord2017 Reflection and Lesson
Instead of making full-blown new year's resolutions, I have joined the movement of choosing just one word. Two years ago, I chose "calm" and last year my word was "authentic."  This year, I have chosen the word purposeful . I decided to choose "purposeful" ...

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Welcome 2017!
Many people are glad to see 2016 go, and while I agree there were some difficult things about the past year, there were also some really great things . My son was born , I started a new role as instructional coach, and I became an ICTM board member! That be...

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Illinois Math Ed Bloggers
Being a new Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics board member has me thinking about ways to connect more teachers across the state. I want to put my obsession knowledge of social media/blogs/Twitter to some good use! I've been the main editor of the ...

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Week-Before-Winter-Break Math Game
There are days leading up to break when you want to do something: 1. "mathy" 2. low-tech 3. fun 4. engaging that will keep everyone's attention! It's that time of year when teachers need a math game idea. My post about  activities to do the last weeks of sc...

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LAUNCH: #D100bloggerPD Book Study
I'm excited to be back participating in a  #D100bloggerPD  book study! We are a group of bloggers in Berwyn South District 100 that read and blog. It's a great community of learners and a fun way to jigsaw our way through some great education books! This ti...
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