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$25 computer, Raspberry Pi, officially launched today
Base version memory doubled, launch announcement crashes servers

The +Raspberry Pi, the $25 computer that seems to be taking the computer enthusiast world by storm, was formally launched at 6AM GMT this morning. The Foundation has announced that they will be entrusting the manufacture of the computers to two British companies, Premier Farnell and RS Components.

The first run will consist of 10.000 model B´s to get them into the hands of hobbyists and teachers who can prepare projects and educational material. Next runs will include the cheaper model A as well to make sure young kids in the UK can afford one.

The two parts manufacturers shall be building and distributing identical versions of the Raspberry Pi at the originally quoted prices ($25 for Model A and $35 for the better specced Model B), while still allowing for a small profit to be given to The Foundation to be put back into the charity.

The Foundation also announced that they will be doubling the RAM available for Model A, taking it up to 256MB, while leaving the price intact.

Following an announcement for people to log in to their site at 6AM GMT, the Raspberry Pi servers could not cope with the demand. Thankfully the foundation had a static mini-site prepared and are serving that one until demand subsides. Sadly both distributors were not prepared for the demand, and at time of writing both sites were giving connection errors.

It seems like no one really estimated what the interest in the device would have been like - as #raspberrypi was one of the top trending phrases worldwide on Twitter around the time of launch. Both on Twitter and here on Google+ the interest was initially great, but people soon started posting angry comments at the way the launch was handled.

Will you be trying to order one?

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+EuroTech exclusive interview with the man behind the project:

Author: +Richard Muscat Azzopardi

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Are there any reports about people who got one? Both stores are more or less down since 6:00 GMT.
Have been trying to access both stores, and still nothing... :\
Haven't seen a buy button in past 1 hour 23 minutes....
RS -> "Register here to express an interest in Raspberry Pi"
The option to buy it not available...
What did they do now? Did they sell all of them or just want to count how many people want them or what? I am a little bit confused at the moment.
I don't think they did sell all, they are saying; "Sadly both distributors were not prepared for the demand, and at time of writing both sites were giving connection errors"...
RS is working for me (from Germany) but Farnell is indeed down.
I cannot wait to have my Raspberry farm.
Will it run SETI@Home?
so it does half of what my phone does without a built in screen...?
trust breaking !! is it $25 or $35?? or may be they have 2 models??
+Chris Tracy half of what your phone does at 1/20 of the price sounds like a good deal to me.
but I already have my phone so why buy one, I am not saying that its not cool, sorry if I came off that way, but I guess I just don't see the point of it other then to say look what we did. Another question does it have anytype of hardrive or just the usb hook up, so using like an external or something
+Chris Tracy You don't need it - you don't buy it ;-) But in case you are a East-European school principal and you have a budget of 1000 bucks, you can either spend it on one normal PC or buy a full computer class equipped with raspberry.
The first run will consist of 10.000 model B´s to get them into the hands of hobbyists and teachers who can prepare projects and educational material. Next runs will include the cheaper model A as well to make sure young kids in the UK can afford one.
If it is good for word processing and checking/writing E-mail messages, then already fine for me!

Be considerate and think of the PRICE!!!

I've been following the +Raspberry Pi since it was announced back in May and it's great to see the demand is real. They have over 100,000 on their mailing list and were getting about 10,000 visitors a day to their website before launch.
This little board has already been shown to play 1080p video and run XMBC, but it's primary goal is to provide a cheap platform for kids (and others) to learn programing.
Simply plug a keyboard/mouse and then into your TV (like in the 80s) and you have a full computer.

For those comparing to a smartphone. It's not really possible to program your phone directly. You need a computer to develop the code, compile it and then you can transfer it to the phone.

With Raspberry Pi it's all done on the board.

Don't think if it as a replacement for a desktop PC it's designed as a learning platform. A chance to get your hands dirty and to mess with code.

Where +Arduino made it cheap and possible to build physical circuits the +Raspberry Pi makes it cheap and possible to learn to code.
I think Apple will sue. They're the only one allowed to be a fruit!
+Chris Tracy the board includes an SD card slot for persistant memory. I imagen you would be able to add additional storage on the USB slot included in their B model board.

This would be great for running small applications or as the base for network appliances running your basic network services.
Please help
I have a patented invention, depends on the terrestrial phone lines, has the problem of compatibility with the system in place in my country,
Who has a solution on the ability to modify the programming of the device and its components please correspondents:
Organizations pay to dispose of pallet upon pallet of computer technology a year. Likely all of it better than this device in performance. I like the idea, but would like better an org that helps to repurpose the mountains of gear being thrown away. As XP comes out of support, and security being paramount at my org, we will dispose of hundreds upon hundreds of PCs incapable of supporting Win7or8. To the dump with them. :(
can play 1080p and run xmbc? darn it! it's even cheaper than my media player!

shut up and take my money!
+Chris Tracy - so it does half of what my phone does without a built in screen...?

Which phone do you have? I'd love to have a phone that I can plug a keyboard and mouse into and program scratch on, that I can also use the TV as a screen for.

I'm very interested in which phone you have that can do that, or are you just talking bollocks?
uhhh is this a cpu peice cuz i dosnt kno XD
+alex sabla it's a mini linux computer. You plug a screen and keyboard and mouse into it and use it just like a computer. The idea is to promote programming education.
Remember to circle +EuroTech, they brought you the news very early this morning
Timely and exclusive news from Europe!
I'm gonna take this beauty and bring it to Iran's market.
Nice. But I don't see it catching on.
$35 for a cool little piece of tech that you can carry around with you that will run different Linux builds with no problem? I am totally on board for this.

I actually kind of dig the fact that the price for admission on this also includes a bit of coding knowledge. To really open up the possibilities, you will need to know some terminal / command line.

Sure, not for everyone, but I do see it having some really neat applications. :)
Fuck off Selena. This is an awesome little contraption btw.
I wonder when they are going to stop being the IPhone of the geek world so I can get one :)

I'm just waiting for this to blow over....
Cool. When will the US be handing out $25 computers? Or do we have to order them from the UK?
B Kanth
How does this work ...actually program somebody should have knowledge on wat they are working with .........
Good enough. A dumb terminal with browser connected to internet. Use Google Apps to do office work.
Um, does it has a case or it's just bare as that?
Omg, I want one soooo bad. My computer that I've had all through high school just crashed, this sounds like a miracle.
I'd like to have this. Hope we can see it in México soon.
+Darren Nugent no case, yet atleast. It's probably going to be possible to order a case at a later state.
This is damn interesting ...... I will ask my girlfriend to buy one for me............. she is soo used to trying new devices
Unbelievable! Cheaper than a HDMI cable!
I spent two hours trying to access the site (The 0600h GMT was my 2200h PST). After 2 hours of messages that said, "The site is experiencing problems" and "The process could not be completed" I said screw it and fell asleep. Dammit...
I don't think this thing will be replacing my iMac any time soon.
Wonderful! This will make computers even more accessible. Congrats!
Well ofcourse its not gonna take the place of an imac. Everybody knows Mac runs on human sacrifice and is instilled with the power of the gods.
hmm, $599 for a mini mac, or $35 for an "Optioned-out" pc.....
Questions: Does it have a video card built in? can I run top of the line games on it like battlefield 3? How much ram does it have or support?
Where do I get it take my money!!!!
Wanted one of these soo bad, I guess one of the companies is out and the other will only ship to UK, I was born in the wrong place :3 I have to have one asap
soon, china will come up with a $10 version...
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