No Obstacle Can Get In Elaine's Way

With optimism keeping Elaine on her feet, no obstacle can get in the way. Elaine is a unique individual who has a very rare autoimmune disease called Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO). NMO is different from Multiple Sclerosis due to the severity of its attacks and requires aggressive forms of treatment. Elaine faces the unknown every day. When she wakes up each morning, she doesn't know if she'll be able to walk. She has experienced several relapses, where at one point she was blind in one eye and paralyzed. Luckily with different treatments, and Elaine's strength, she has been able to regain her mobility and sight.

Elaine was introduced to the Neil Squire Society through the British Columbia Paraplegic Association and has been receiving support from the Neil Squire Society since 2008. Elaine was able to finish one of her biggest goals, a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Even with the experience of a relapse during her education, where she had to stop going to school to regain her health, Elaine continued and finished. She is very grateful to have had the help from the Neil Squire Society who provided cost support for Elaine's tuition, books, and transportation.

After completing her degree, Elaine worked with an employment specialist at the Neil Squire Society, who helped Elaine create a cover letter, and provided research on employer websites, but the utmost that Elaine valued from her experience was, "confidence when applying for jobs". Elaine was part of the Computer Comfort Program where she was able to upgrade her computer skills using programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Access. She appreciated the help and knowledge obtained from her computer tutor, Katherine.

Elaine is currently looking for work and pursuing another designation to help with the search. Elaine's final words were, "despite having a disability, I will find employment, and I love to travel!" and so she does, proving again, that no obstacle can get in her way.
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