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DIMI NAKOV (Director/Writer/Producer)
Your Dreams... Our Future...
Your Dreams... Our Future...


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HAPPY HOLIDAYS & "May The Force Be With You All, Always with more wishes 4 Everyone to Live Long & Prosper because We Are All For One & One For All. We All #SupportIndieFilm" - Dimi

#HolidayEveryday #Equality #Diversity #GenderEquality #GenderMatters #MerryChristmas2017 #RT

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From Indie Film Hustle <>> "2 Practical Exercises Every Aspiring Screenwriter Should Do Every Week:
You’ve probably heard the old adage that in order to improve as a screenwriter you should write every day. Well, while that’s true, it also implies that it’s all you need to do. In fact, there’s also a number of practical exercises that can dramatically improve your screenwriting if done every week."

Loglines for all 76 scripts on the 2017 annual Black List - #screenwriting #BlackList2017 #movies

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From Good in a Room <>> "Screenwriting Tips From Top Screenwriters – Video Showcase.
Screenwriting tips about the writing process are usually little nuggets of helpful advice.
This list of screenwriting tips is different – it’s comprised of 6 GIANT nuggets."

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From Stephen Follows <>> "The vast majority of film research is focused on either the sector as a whole, or studies the performance of a subset of films. There is very little research into the companies behind the films and how the corporate side of the film business operates.

This is a rather large oversight as films and filmmakers do not operate in a vacuum – they are employed, resourced and assisted by a network of companies, without whom their films wouldn’t get funded, produced or seen.
If you’re not directly involved with the corporate side of the film industry, you may be wondering why this matters. True, some of the minor recommendations are just about improving the way certain backroom tasks are achieved, but the bigger picture is relevant to us all."

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FGN INC. Motivation:

Be The BEST You Can BE and Keep Learning, Creating, Challenging Yourself & Boost Your Creativity with (FPF) "For A Positive Future" - We are Changing The World One Message At a Time. -

Support EQUALITY, DIVERSITY & MENTAL HEALTH in Film/TV Industry & Beyond. A word of support, encouragement or motivation can change someone's life in an instant and forever.

"It all starts with an idea for a positive future that will grow inside us all to define us, unite us, individually-together & forever." - Dimi Nakov

#SupportIndiefilm #FGNInc #IndieFilm #FilmMaking #Positvenessness #motivation #PositiveFuture #inspiration #SupportWomenFilmmakers #WomenFilmmakers #WomenInFilm #Equality #Diversity #GenderEquality #GenderMatters #MentalHealth #MentalHealthMatters

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From StudioBinder <>> "Casting websites have forever changed the production process.
It used to be that the aspiring actor, with their trusty headshot in tow, would make the rounds from one casting office to the next not quite sure what to expect.
Thanks to the wonders of technology, actors now have an abundance of online resources to find legitimate casting opportunities."

From ScreenCraft <>> "What is the most simple and easy way to pitch something to representation, executives, publishers, and production companies through email?
We live in a digital world. Snail mail — those archaic things we used to call letters — have no place in a writer’s arsenal when it comes to pitching their work in hopes of getting an agent, manager, executive, publisher, or producer interested.
You can certainly utilize networking through your direct contact list, but for most writers, that’s not an option because they aren’t embedded in the industry yet. Until they are, email is the only way in. And you’d be surprised how effective a query email can be."

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From Go Into The Story <>> 55 movie scripts broken down including Arrival, Gravity, Prisoners, Whiplash, Zootopia. - #screenwriting #writing
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