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Within the last couple of updates I've been noticing that when the now playing window minimizes that I cannot maximize it without first pressing play/pause. Is this intentional?

I'm now seeing a problem with the database that I don't recall seeing before (I'm on  It appears that if I have songs from two different albums with the same name, the database is treating them as if they're all from the same album.  The reason I caught it was because I noticed that the album art for an album had been changed to a completely different album of the same name, and when I corrected it and later came to a song on that other album, its album art had been changed.

Also, when I'm playing a song from an album that has a duplicate album name and I select "Go to album", the list shows both albums.

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My apologies Chris, first YouTube video I've ever made. This is a screen capture video of the bug that I'm seeing from our previous conversation. When I get up from my desk at work I will usually put the song I'm listening to back to the beginning so I can listen to the whole song when I get back. Only recently has this bug began showing up.

I set a 2-minute timer because that seems to be the minimum amount of time that must pass for this bug to occur; you can skip to 2:12 on the video to get to the end of the timer. You'll notice that as Rocket Player loads it remembers my last pause point (at the beginning) for a moment before it skips to the previous pause point (at 1:46).

Hopefully this helps clarify my issue for you.

Rocket Player bug:

Thank you for all of your help with my previous issue, Chris.

I've stumbled across another unusual issue which seems to be reproducible on my end.  Here's what I do:

1. Pause a currently playing song and wait a couple of seconds,
2. Press the back arrow then pause the music again, and do it fast enough for the music not to begin playing,
3. Press the power button and leave the phone alone for a minute.

When you come back to RP, it will be at the first pause point from step 1, not the second from step 2.

Is there another setting that's causing this?  Or is this a bug (albeit a minor one)?
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