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Benna Gaean Maris
Either eclecticism or boredom
Either eclecticism or boredom
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My work CECI N'EST PAS UNE IMAGE DE PIPE has been staff picked on Artconnect for #INSPIRATIONFRANCE.

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my very latest artwork:
the blur, 2016
Video, HD 1:1, colour, silent, 1’

“The blur” is a video deblurring Mark Zuckerberg's grey shirt, transfiguring him into a disquieting pataphysical portrait.

Check the link for latest artworks of 2016.

#mark #zuckerberk #grey #shirt

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My somehow prophetical performance all rods lead to Rome acted few months ago: the rods (walking sticks) representing the elders, go to Rome. Today Italy chose NO for the constitutional referendum, so the Senate (the elders) will keep their voice in the parliament.
In my performance I laid a walking stick against Chairman's palace and all the other parliamentarians buildings in Rome except the Senate one.

#no #referendum #constitutional #italy #renzi #senate

One good thing of globalisation is that you may explode a bomb anywhere and it will be heard all around the globe.

#bomb #chaos #globalisation #globalization

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I remember when in 2011 I made this satirical picture entitled van rompuy’s incubus farage (europawns series) depicting Herman van Rompuy dreaming Nigel Farage with British uniform as from the famous film "Zooloo", that was about UK colonialism. Now UK said yes to brexit for exiting the European Union.

#brexit #farage #rompuy #uk #europe

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My video "short movie #2" is featured until today in Berlin for DIRECTORS LOUNGE 2016 - à la carte projections.
Directors Lounge at 48 Stunden Neukölln, Hi-ReS | Berlin, 24-26 June 2016

Meet us at our chilly lounge at Hi-ReS! for a banquette of fine media art, films and installations.

read more:

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Now that this story has happily ended, think about how nice can be a stranger that calls you by name, how great can be the solidarity of people for a child!
Let's all be children.

#yamato #tanooka #missing #japanese #boy

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• 60th Cascella Prize

For immediate release.

The photographic polyptych the barter is among the finalist artworks participating in the 60th edition of the International Contemporary Art Prize Basilio Cascella, one of the most long-running and prestigious in Italy, that since 1955 is dedicated to the forefather of the famous family of artists.
You are invited to the presentation of the event that will be held at 11 am of Sunday 24th April at the Eden Hall in Ortona, Italy, then to visit Obsolescenza Programmata, the exhibition of the artworks in competition, on display from 24 April to 27 May at the Mondialcar Exhibition Hall.

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