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Luca Cesarano

Hello guys I'm on CM14.1 on a OnePlus 3. Flashed ViPER4Arise™ but when I reboot it says it can't install the driver and suggest me to reboot and try again.

I searched on the XDA and it seems it was caused by a missing audio_effects.conf file in /vendor/etc. I downloaded it and put it there and now it seems that a driver is installed, but it's not working.

If I click on Driver Status it says:
Driver Version:
NEON Enabled: NO
Enabled: No
Status: Abnormal
Audio Format: Unsupported
Processing: No
Sampling Rate: 0

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks and have a nice day :).

Is there a painless way to change the SD CARD mode from Storage mode to Internal storage mode? I would like to not lose my mSD-data.
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