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Why you can’t get a teaching job in china?
Wait, take a look about my background

About me
I lived in china for 11 years. I have been teaching for 11 years. I am not white, I am asian.

Money I make
More than most white guys

Why I make more money
I am not white, not black cuz I am brown?
no no…

I will get back to the reason later.

Let me share my experience in China job market.
It’s been three years I have started my recruiting agency. I am still teaching at the same time. I work with many schools, these schools want foreign teachers for their schools . Most of them specifically mention they want white teacher(does not matter the quality), they have their reasons for that even though I never appreciate their reasons. Does it mean I always hire white teachers? For some cool jobs in china visit

So what’s happening? My clients want white teachers? Actually it’s not entirely true. Some school’s in china are ok with black teachers. but there is a but….many butts actually ….

the buts are agencies like me. So like me what?….
Agencies work with schools or training centers in china. If you wanna work in china specially teaching jobs in china, most probably you have to go through agencies.

Since agencies get money for schools, they are ready to pleased their clients like school’s and training centers. So first you have to go through agencies before you reach the school’s for interviews. What?????

Yep, dude you heard me. Go through agencies….oh God… nightmare.

What agencies do to you when you apply for jobs in china.
1. If you are black they will block on WeChat most of the time.
2. If you are asian they will block you on WeChat most of the time.

So it’s a dead end for your career in teaching in China?
Yes no, yes…. noo….. yes……

The answers is No. You still have hope and you can still do teaching and live a better life in china.

How to attract Agencies? How do you persuade them to hire you for the schools or training centers? Before I tell you how to attract agencies let me tell you how you can reach them first.

Number of ways to reach them
1. WeChat
2. QQ
3. Email
4. Phone number

Wait, you can say that I mentioned that agents block you on WeChat if you are black or asian ? Yep, I said it. But there is an amazing way to reach all 100% of them. you can still send your first message to all the agents. This is your key chance to talk to them. Agents might not add you first time, but they still get to see your first introductory message on wechat and qq.

Strictly remember when you send WeChat friend request to an agent for a job
1. Don’t just say “hi”. We think it’s very unprofessional and disqualifies you. Agents don’t have time to reply your “hi”. I have seen many job seekers on WeChat just say “hi” and I never accept their friend request.
2. Don’t put any unprofessional profile photo like dog, cat, scary mask, too glowy photo.
3. Don’t make any grammatical mistakes when send friend request. I have seen lots of job seekers say “I am English teacher” It’s a wrong sentence. and it disqualifies you immediately.

Strictly remember to do things when you apply on WeChat for job
1. Just don’t say Hi. Start with a professional introduction.
2. Make a nice introductory video. Talk about your teaching experience and educational background.
3. Show your teaching photos.
4. If you don’t have much teaching experience, you should convince that you can do this job. Convince the agents using your voice and presentation. Talk confidently. Don’t use too low voice.
5. Don’t do any weird actions.

Most importantly
1. Develop a nice clear accent. This is crucial weapon to impress the agents.
2. You introductory video must be attractive. This is your only one chance to impress the agents as well as the schools(If you are black, brown or asian)

After getting employeed
1. Teach with passion.
2. Use songs and games to teach.
3. Provide feedback after class to your boss.
4. Show the students that you care about them. And do it for real.

Hope this was helpful. For more info visit

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