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Goals for 2015
#TheLoft One thing I've noticed this past year is my bad habit of wasting time.  Wasting time is so easy to do in the era of social media.  Scroll through Facebook and you will find endless articles, video clips, and conversation to lose yourself in.  Befor...

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#Theloft  For years I've heard the buzz in Christian circles every January of THE WORD.  Pick a word, a verse, a phrase and focus on it for the entire year.  It's a great idea but I never joined in.  Call it a fear of failure mixed in with a little bit of l...

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"My Favorite Books"
This week's  #TheLoft  topic is "My Favorite Books."  After reading a sister blogger's post on this topic, I'd better include the Bible, haha, because that should always be number one on our list.  After all, it is full of truth, wisdom, and the source we g...

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"My Kind of Town"
                                                                #TheLoft I LOVE my city, was born here, raised here, and we're raising our kids here.  So many people around the country make fun of Midwesterners, they say we never go anywhere or move.  Reaso...

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“Best Practical Tip”
                                                               #TheLoft As wives and moms we are all looking for those practical tips that will ease the craziness of our lives. I love Cast Iron, and this could be my practical tip.... But it isn't.  I want t...

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#TheLoft                                                                     The Loft topic this week is TRUST.  A struggle that every human being on the planet has.  Living in a broken world full of distortion and half truths, trust is difficult.  To trust...

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Disillusioned Part 2
Going through the busyness of the morning when I hear a voice from the radio say,"the middle aged group of the church feels left out and are leaving in record numbers." Caught my attention!  Leaving in record numbers?  I know there has been plenty written a...

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This word keeps coming to mind, in the sorrow and pain.  Disillusioned-having lost faith or trust in something or someone: disappointed that something or someone is not as good, valuable, true, etc., as it had seemed. I haven't wanted to admit it or face it...

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Greatest Insecurity
#TheLoft Greatest Insecurity......oh my, another challenging topic this week.  I LOVE my sister bloggers, Arabah Joy-you challenge me and cheer me on, thank you! Sometimes we are at the top of a snow covered mountain with our sleds, getting ready to slide d...

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I Am
"I Am"   At first when I saw this week's writing assignment I was nervous and I wasn't sure how I would proceed, especially since I am cultivating this study, Behold Your God, by Dr. John Snyder,  in my life.  Realizing that the Christ...
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