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Stabbingback, The Hard Rock/ Metal Web Band that releases Free Material Every month.
Stabbingback, The Hard Rock/ Metal Web Band that releases Free Material Every month.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Conflict Ordained

What's up metal heads. Here's an update in the new tune.

The new tune is called "Conflict Ordained". Most of the song is pretty heavy and frankly, a lot of fun to play. The story segment is the monk and the soldier face eachother in a duel to the death. It's also going to be the last new song release for a few months so you may want to check it out when released.

Welcome to the New Year! We have a few plans we would like to share with you so lets get started. The project continues in a different schedule this year. There is a release meant for this month and after that, work begins on the Judgement series. What is the Judgement series? I'm glad you asked. The last song for all 5 albums combine to make one song called the Judgement series. This means after this month, there will be a 3 month period that will be used to work on The Judgement Series in its entirety. All 5 songs will be worked on as 1 song then separated for release. Each part has a different name so the releases monthly will continue once it's complete. While those songs are being released, work will be happening here to complete "Absolution", the final piece of the puzzle. The intent is to release " Absolution" in its entirety with the last piece of Judgement which is the final track for "Absolution".

If all this is confusing, just know that the goal is to complete Project Redeemer this year. For those who have been with us for awhile, you know why that's such a big deal.

Anyway, thank you all for your support. Details on the new tune to come will be released soon.

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New tune comes out tonight. 

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Passing of the Helm

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

"Requiem for a Dime"

Question: Why go to

1. Because there is a brand new song released every month for free to download.
2. To Support an independent artist
3. To see a Thought of the Day, everyday, on the front page
4. To stream music directly from the music page with downloading
5. Because it works on your desktop and mobile phone smoothly
6. Because there are free wallpapers available for download
7. To see videos and pictures
8. To see the tools page and get great ideas for independent artists
9. To see what Metalheads think about giving away music for free
10. To find out what the next release is going to be.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, 
 Unstable (Explicit Lyrics)

Hey there everyone. Hope your St. Patty's Day went well. 
Song update: This month has been a challenge for a release due to the work and effort going into the App. 
The good news, the song is nearly complete. The new tune will be called "Collapse". Its a heavier tune with the new mix in place. I'm feeling pretty good about it. It wont blow anyone's face off but it definitely has some kick. As always, there should be no problem having it ready for a pre-listener review so as always, I will randomly message one of you to see if you're up to letting everyone know your thoughts on the new tune prior to release. So be on the look out for a private message from me.
As I said, the App is getting a lot of love. From all our Media feeds in one place to exclusive music content to getting a "Thought of the Day" reminder. Not to mention ...the story... in the palm of your hand. I'm really looking forward to peoples reaction when they see it.
That is all for now, but keep an eye out for a message from me in the next couple weeks.
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