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Jason McSheene
StarCraft, Science and probably too much sarcasm.
StarCraft, Science and probably too much sarcasm.
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Hey Everyone!
Just updating a bit because I remember how inspired I was by Die Empty. I've brought up the principles and lessons multiple times at work and my UU congregation. 

Applying this to my life, I decided I NEEDED to help my fellow graduate students achieve their goals. Getting together with my friends, I made and (the exciting part) The PhD in Progress Podcast! 

If you're a current or recent graduate student, feel free to give this a listen. I hope to introduce my peers to the concepts I've learned from Todd Henry and others. 

Thank you all!
If you're interested, episode 1 can be found at

Keep rocking it everyone. If you need some motivation again, remember what makes you angry!

Something I have loved about the book, halfway through, is the secular nature of Todd's writings. Not to put down other leaders in the business and productivity field, but as an atheist humanist, Die Empty has been amazingly refreshing.
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