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Know your Rights. Stand firm by then. Thanks to the original film makers I can repost this on my board. I think this was hilarious seeing how stumped the officers became when the questions where turned on them.
This is terrifying!
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I had just left this location this afternoon/evening. I came again (1 week time frame) helping my parents look for white vanity 24" to be exact. I walked into the store was greeted nicely by the lady in the returns checkout counter. I walked over to the bathroom aisle 2 and quickly realized I needed a sales persons support. I came across a store Manager, which I wasn't aware of at the time, and asked him if he would please assist me with a question about an item. He quickly asked me to wait, while he finished up a conversation and radio a another person. As soon as I uttered the word bathroom, he told me that he will get someone to help me. I waited 15 minutes to be greeted by no one. I saw another sales representative walking and tried to stop her to ask for help and she quickly told me that will page someone to come to the aisle. Another 15 more minutes goes by and I walk over to the lady that had greeted me and taken my return and asked her to please page someone, because I had been waiting for 30 minutes and no one has yet to come by to aisle 2. Twenty minutes go by and I become irritated that no one and repeat no one, even the employees that I saw strolling the aisles freely, never once glanced over to support a customer. I approached the return desk and ask to speak to a manager, due to the nature of the service. The manager Edwin, whom I asked for help comes by and states "no one has come to this aisle yet!" In disbelief Edwin pulls out a paper form his pocket and informs me that he guy that works in the Bathroom section is away on lunch. In dismay I asked, " does he not have coverage?" Did you not know this information 30 minutes ago when I asked you for help?" Not surprised he was not able to help with my order and didn't seem interested enough to call another store to help see if they would have the item or not. While talking to my dad on the side, I suggested going to Quincy. Whether hesitation Edwin the store manager agreed that we should go there because they carry more items than they did. This same circle of events occurred the week before. I honestly feel this Home Depot needs to have their employees go through training on costumer service. It is really lacking. The service at Quincy on Exit 9 is stupendous. No one is juggling you around and the atmosphere makes you value the amount and money you are investing into the company. My family and I will not be going to home depot in Dorchester in future.
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Today I visited F.W. Webb. It's been an anticipation of mine since I found out I get to remodel my now fiancé's bathroom. I walked in to the showroom and there was no one there but two sales women, Doreen and Catlin (I think thats her name). I expected the nice courtesy of being greeting and bombarded with questions about the remodeling that I was taking on myself. When I explained my project to the first sales person she told me that she has an appointment that was soon to arrive and will get me started with someone that can better assistant me without interruptions. The next sales rep was Doreen. I can say she was very pleasant, however the service was very rushed and I didn't feel that her attention to my remodeling questions were slighted. She didn't offer anything to help me or ask about the project. I was very disappointed and further more I took the time to take pictures of my project and printed out the Planning Sheet that they have online and she didn't care to ask about it. I will not be using F.W. Webb in any of my projects now or in the future.
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My experience at Bernardi Honda was horrible after my purchase of my Honda Accord. I presented 3 major problems I was experiencing with my vehicle and they were not able address the issues accordingly. The service advisors are not professional and they have a tendency to discredit your word, along with the service manager and their most experience mechanic. My vehicle was still not taken care of when taken again with the same persistent issues. The service advisor, manager and the mechanic informed me that the issues persist because I was not an experience manual driver. When asked if the problem can be fixed they informed me that they cannot put on the car on the lift and look for problems that I suspect. The mechanic went on to say, many customers come to the dealership with false claims which cost them money to look for issues that are not present. Again, I explained that some cases maybe false but insisted they look at my problem because I've been hearing it for some time. I saw that they were not going to help so I asked if I can take my car to another Honda dealership to get looked at. The service manager informed me that taking my car to another dealership will cost me money because it is not the original dealership I purchased my vehicle. I took my vehicle to another dealership, Herb Chambers in Boston. Herb Chambers was able to fix all the issues with no cost. I will never recommend anyone to this dealership. They need a lesson or two on how to provide adequate service to their customers, especially those who purchase a vehicle from them.
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