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Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd.
Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd.

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Power supply for Energy-efficient commercial vehicles

SPS offers safe and reliable super capacitor based energy storage solutions for energy efficient commercial vehicles, with the diversified forms of modules, packs or battery #supercapacitor #hybirdsystems,to meet the demand for engine start-and-stop, voltage stabilization, deceleration and braking energy recovery, ect.

Besides, we also provide jump starter or emergency rescue #powersupply in the case of low temperature or battery failure.
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In generally, leakage current is current that flows in #supercaps that is thought to be in a “off” mode where ideally no current would flow. For internation standard:IEC 62391-1,Leakeage current is a value of current that folws through a supercaps after a charge for a fixed period of time, given in ampres(A)

leakage current -supercaps
leakage current -supercaps
1.measuring method

a)Discharge duration

Before this measurement is made, the supercaps shall be fully discharged. Discharge procedure shall take 1h to 24h and shall be specified in the relevant specification.

b)The leakage current shall be measured, unless otherwise prescribed in the relevant specification, using the direct voltage(UR) appropriate to the test temperature. Elecrification period after maximum 30min charge-up time to reach 95% of the applied voltage shall be selected from 30 min, 1 h, 2 h, 4 h, 8 h, 12 h, 24 h or 48 h and shall be specified in the relevant specification.

c)A steady source of power such as a regulated power supply shall be used.

d)Unless otherwise specified in the relevant specification, apply the voltage to a capacitor through a protective resistor of 1 000 Ω or less.

2.The relevant specification shall prescribe:

a)The leakage current limit at a reference temperature of 20℃,and at other specified temperatures;

b)When necessary, the correction factor, if the measurements are made at a temperature other than 20 ℃, but within the range of temperatures covered by the standard atmospheric conditions for testing;

c)The electrification time;

d)Resistance value of protective resistor other than 1000 Ω
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EDLC CAPACITOR:General Guidance Of Enrironmental Conditions
For further general guidance of #EDLCcapacitor, see IEC 60721-3-0.

During periods of erection work, which are often connected with down time, the user should be aware that conditions might differ from those experienced during the period of operation.

Therefore the selection of another class may be necessary for this period, unless special precautions have been taken.

The severities specified are those which will have a low probability of being exceeded.All specified values are maximum or limit values. These values may be reached. but do not occur permanently. Depending on the local situation there may be different frequencies of occurrence related to a certain period of time. Such frequencies of occurrence should be considered for any environmental parameter. They should additionally be specified if applicable. Information on duration and frequencies of occurrence is given in Amendment No. 1 to IEC 60721-3-0 as clause 6.

Attention is drawn to the fact that combinations of the #environmental parameters given may increase the effect on a product. This applies especially to the presence of high relative humidity in addition to biological conditions or to conditions of chemically or mechanically active substances.

The environmental conditions present at a location may be affected by other influences, e.g.#heatdissipation sources, special process conditions, etc.

Measurements of the environmental conditions present at a location should be made at a representative point in the vicinity of the product.It is recognized that extreme or special environmental conditions may exist. Specifications for products to operate under such special conditions are a matter for negotiation between supplier and user.
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The MCV series consists of several #SCV cell connected in serial or parallel. As standard models, MCV series in the form of two cells in series connection are available,including 5V series and 5.5V series.
The Outer structure is insulated casing with two lead terminals. SCV series can be welded to PCB. Good welding piece should be used during welding. All should be done in less than 3 seconds. The temperature should be below 350 degrees celsius. Besides keep electricity iron off shell of products.
Due to the characteristics of high #capacitor and low ESR, MCV series are used as backup capacitor in AMR、drive recorder、black box. They are also applied in a diverse range of industries, such as #autometer、POS machine、Toy car and plane、long Life Power、Solar Traffic Sign, etc.
These series supcaps as well as other series are no pollution, reliable and safety capacitor. With no pollution to the environment,they are an ideal green power.
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Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd. (also referred to as SPS), established in 2003, is a world-class #manufacturer of #ultra-capacitor products including cells, systems and technological solutions. The Company’s ultra capacitor products are applied in a diverse range of industries such as #transportation, #energy, #industrial and many other areas, with more than 200 customers in 23 countries around the world.

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