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Hacker, code cracker, working at...Lookout
Hacker, code cracker, working at...Lookout

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I have an issue with 3D Printing being called that... it's nothing like printing... and the current "name" creates nothing but confusion with less technical folks. I propose we start calling it "Replicating" instead.... and yes, I"m totally ripping off the term from Star Trek:

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Why do all of the iSheep continue to allow Apple to dictate how you use your tech?
- No SD card slot on their phones so you pay more for on board storage
- Closed NFC so that you can only use it for what Apple says you should
- Non-standard connector forcing you to buy new peripherals each time they change their standard vs conforming to a global standard
- non-standard SIM card to make it more difficult (and costly) to switch to a different phone
- removal of the headphone jack so that you have to either use Bluetooth headphones or buy headphones that connect to the lightning port (until they migrate away from that to another non-standard port and you have to get new headphones again)

How much longer will people put up with this for?

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So simple everyone might finally start to get it!

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Siri is straight up savage

"Vanquished by the Broncos"

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This is one of the funniest things I've EVER seen!
It's Election Day in Canada! Thanks so much to John Oliver and the Last Week Tonight team for making this segment last night. I can't vote this year, but I'm hoping that changes with a change of government. Fingers crossed.

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This really helps put things in context....for me at least anyway.
20 Ways to Know That Life Is Good

1. Life is good when you smile kindly to strangers and laugh a lot with the love of your life.

2. Life is good when you love your loved ones unconditionally.

3. Life is good when you genuinely try to be kind to everyone.

4. Life is good when you cherish the people who want you to be part of their lives and accept you just the way you are and without judgment.

5. Life is good when you sincerely are happy for other’s good fortune and happiness.

6. Life is good when you cultivate compassion in your heart and can be truly forgiving.

7. Life is good when you assume nothing and take no one for granted.

8. Life is good when you don’t judge others but yourself because you understand that we’re all unique individuals -- we’re works-in-progress with inherent gifts, abilities, strengths and weaknesses bestowed upon us by nature and nurture.

9. Life is good when you have the courage to change what's within your power and accept what you can't change.

10. Life is good when you are grateful for what you have.

11. Life is good when you challenge yourself to always do more while needing and expecting less.

12. Life is good when you sleep enough, eat healthfully and exercise everyday.

13. Life is good when you appreciate the beauty of mother nature’ seasons and the bounties of each season’s harvest.

14. Life is good when you cultivate gratitude around the dinner table for the real-food you're so fortunate have on your plate.

15. Life is good when you tread lightly and kindly on Earth, respect her power and care for her vulnerabilities.

16. Life is good when you enjoy simple living while making a living doing what you love.

17. Life is good when you go to bed knowing that you did your best while adhering to your values with honesty and authenticity.

18. Life is good when you gaze into the dawn of a new day while basking in the beautiful twilight promising that the sunrise will bring light to all that's dark.

19. Life is good when you let the beauty of each sunset fill you with hope each day that tomorrow will be a new day for another chance to do and be better.

20. Life is good when you realize you love your life and have all you need to be peaceful and happy within.

by Amira Elgan

Day 1 on Google+ and I think I"m starting to get the hang of it. I need a webcam to try a hangout though!
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