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I've been reading and thinking a lot about the direction our country is headed in. I think that a strong central government is necessary to maintain security, safety and to stop local governments from trampling individual rights. However, I think people have come to rely on the federal government too much. Why can't we look to local communities to fill some of these needs? For instance, the Barefoot College enables people from poor areas to teach important skills to each other without needing literacy. It started from the bottom-up, instead of the top-down. There are problems that higher education and government can solve, but I think we need to start strengthening our local communities so that they can solve certain systemic problems, such as food distribution, energy sustainability and joblessness without the absurd gridlock that has been occurring on a consistent basis inside Congress.

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Very cool. More of my thoughts on this later.

I've been remiss in my posting. Bad Rosie! No video games for you! Oh well, at least I still feel like I'm making an honest go of it. I kind of had a bad work day on Friday, but at least I got to go see a bunch of my friends that night. I smelled bad, and my dancing was way off, but I was still happy. I did a little better today, even if I have to stay up late to finish my to-do list. FlyLady would frown on me for this, but what the hell. Its Saturday night.

Winter has asked me to help him install Linux on his laptop. He has no idea how much this pleases me. Unfortunately, he probably already thinks that I destroyed his computer, since the first live dvd I made froze during install, and now his computer won't boot all the way. That's okay. I've burning the next one at a much slower speed, and, if necessary, I'll burn the one after that with a different dvd-burner. I heart Linux because I like rolling up my sleeves and fixing bugs all by myself and messing with things that I probably shouldn't mess with.

I've been thinking of reviving my idea about an at-work blog or seeing if my job would let me blog for them. I think I'll wait a couple years though. With my current responsibilities, I really don't have time. Wasn't this supposed to be the crazy happy freedom person account? If I keep this up, I'm going to have to switch my journaling over to my vanilla account. I have to admit, work has me pretty excited. My boss says that I'm in line for a promotion soon. Whether or not he's blowing smoke up my ass remains to be seen. Well, that wasn't something I'd want to put on my vanilla account. Also, my client has a new managing partner who's wants to actually tour my mailroom and copycenter to see my day-to-day operations. Sweet! I get to show off to the managing partner. Maybe he could bring some more business my way so I can get a new employee and a raise. The more pessimistic side of me says that he might consider our services redundant and get rid us once and for all, but I need to stay positive, or I might miss an opportunity to accomplish something really awesome.

I've changed my attitude toward my day-job. I'm helping people. I'm making money to help myself. This is not some cage that I have to escape from. My job is by no means perfect, but it is a vehicle that I can use to empower others and myself. I am pretty happy in what I do. This doesn't mean that I'm going to give up other pursuits, such as my writing and continual self-education, but I don't feel as pressured to push myself to achieve something amazing during the 15% my day not spent at work or asleep. Now, I can push myself to achieve something amazing with the 45% of my day spent at work. I can make the best of where I am right now.

I had a dream last night that I was a female Victorian spy. It was a little bit sexual, and there's a lot of it that I don't remember. It was a very intriguing dream, though. It was the kind of dream that I would wake up from for a few minutes. Then, I'd go back to sleep and slip back into the same dream. I'd like to have it again sometime.
I love recurring dreams. They remind me of being a child and re-reading my Choose Your Own Adventure books over and over for the different stories.

I feel that I've been much more productive today than I was yesterday. Its 2pm in the afternoon, and I'm dressed, I've folded and put away the clean laundry, I've mowed the lawn, and I've sifted the cat litter. Hoo-rah.
I tried reading the new Batman: The Dark Knight comic to Winter, but it turns out that I have a terrible Batman-voice. He wound up reading it to me. Then, I fell asleep because the comic book was that boring. Comic book writers, I want to see Batman kicking some ass, not making a speech while jumping around on some buildings. If you're going to cater to the lowest common denominator by turning Starfire into a brainless nympho and having Catwoman and Batman have rapy sex on some buildings, you could at least have Batman kick some ass in a comic book named after Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

Business ideas: 1
Housekeeping: 10
Work: 376
Personal: 30
Writing: 3

Overall: 420

I'm back in the game with a freshly installed OS, or am I? I've had trouble moving out of my computer chair since last night. I feel like I've wasted a lot of time on this, but at least I feel better about my computer working the way it should. I've also started back on FlyLady. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should stop trying to make the FlyLady system work, but I feel that if I just make a fresh start again, maybe I can do it this time. That's also the reason I'm posting. I'm trying to make myself write again. I'm tired of all this floundering and not actually accomplishing any of my life's goals. I want to do something palpable.
However, I feel very discouraged this time because I feel like I say this to myself at least once a year. I wish there was a hack or a word or a gadget that could be that magic bullet to make me successful. Unfortunately, none of those things are it. I think that the problem is that I just don't work hard enough, and I don't have enough vision and direction. Well, the vision part might not be true. I do have story ideas, and they seem to be stories that I would want to read. I just don't have the wherewithal to finish them, it seems. I can't even promise that I won't go back to my mere surviving instead of thriving existence after I make this post. However, the fact that I'm making an attempt at least gives me a point to put in my score book. I'm sure that The Sims would reward me a skill point for writing a meandering post on Google+. I guess I could use my To-do list to keep score. I use Remember the Milk, which keeps an ongoing tally of my completed tasks. Here are my stats, so far:

Researched Business Ideas - 1
Housekeeping - 3
Work - 376
Personal - 30
Writing - 1

Overall - 411

I feel better already. Maybe I just need to keep score.
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