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CSI: The Mommy Files
It can be both entertaining and disconcerting that
my kids still believe they pull a fast one over me. To start, I have always
been more observant than the average person. Add my own imagination and so many
years of investigative experience and you have the...

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The Arrogance of Faith
Christmas, a not quite arbitrary date chosen to compete
with celebrations of faith throughout the world; A time of joy and peace; as if joy and peace were
exclusive to a single time of year. A world so wrapped in its own desire, that joy and
peace are incom...

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Apparently I offended someone outside my circles with a post. The post was from some time ago, and it was not important so I've removed apologies to anyone I've offended. 

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My White Privilege
White Privilege Maria T. Groschup-Black October 24, 2014. I am nearing the age of 50, and the Civil Rights Movement
is “in” its 60s. I used to think of the Civil Rights Movement as modern
history. An event significant enough to be history while having oc...

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May the Casino God Smile Upon You
Here I am on the last day of February 2014; almost to the last minute, as it is now 11:52am, writing my first post for the year.  Already two months into the year and it seems like just yesterday I was telling about a horrendous traffic jamb on Thanksgiving...

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