An excellent reminder of what happens when we remove an animal from it's normal environment:
"Tuesday, April 06, 2004
....My grandmother is Gilda. She came from the San Diego Zoo. When she lived in California, she was hot all the time. Even with all the warm weather, the days were never long enough for her. The zookeepers thought she couldn’t have babies, so they let her retire to Alaska. As soon as she was in this wonderfully cool climate, she started having babies and so far she has ten children!
When I was born, I weighed about 20 pounds. I was bottle fed when I was a baby. Once when I was being fed, my nanny dropped the bottle on the ground and bent down to pick it up. When she put her head right in front of mine, I just had to give her a head-butt! Fortunately my horns and boss (the bony bumps on my forehead) are still very tiny and they won’t be full size until I am six years old!
Now that I’m getting bigger I also eat some hay and special musk ox food. I like plants, too. All of that food ads up, and I am already 238 pounds! I have four stomachs, and I chew my cud. Eating all that roughage gives me gas and I burp about once a minute …blep… (excuse me!)
I really like winter. When it’s nice and cool out, I run around, jump and spin in the air, chase my cousins, and have a lot of fun. Today it was almost 50-degrees out and I was getting warm! I had to lie down and take a nap this afternoon. I have no sweat glands, so it’s hard for me to keep cool. I can cool off through my tongue, like a dog, but that sometimes isn’t enough.When it gets a little warmer out, I will start shedding and my qiviut down will be combed out for the first time. I will probably have about 2-3 pounds of qiviut. Because my down is so fluffy and my guard hairs won’t be fully grown in until I am about four years old, I’ll look much skinnier without my qiviut.
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