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Valentina Đorđević
Book Reviewer and Blurb Writer
Book Reviewer and Blurb Writer

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Book Review: Girl with Broken Umbrella by Davor Banovic

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Not that we don’t wish you (or anyone) happiness. Not that we aren’t fond of kitsch and useless, frivolous sentimentality. After all, that’s what opera is all about. But you know, it’s 2017, and it’s about time we took deconstruction seriously, lest it…

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My Upwork profile: freelance writer & book digesting specialist 

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"Attachment parenting has nothing to do with anti-intellectualism. On the contrary, the enlightenment that we have here is purely intellectual. As a mother and an intellectual, I refuse to follow so-called experts and I do “shun developments such as sleep training” because I am knowledgeable enough to see that sleep training is not a development. I choose not to follow “experts” like Ferber and such because I know that his approach is not scientifically proven to be good or even harmless for babies."
What Is Wrong About Attachment Parenting?

When people Google the term “attachment parenting”, several responses surface, which include ‘why it is wrong’, ‘why they shouldn’t do it’, and ‘how to beat an attachment parent in a debate’.
I decided to follow the clues in order to find out the arguments against attachment parenting. 

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Attachment Parenting by Anisha Sentongo-Hudlin

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“If you haven’t seen Athens, you’re a stump.
If you’ve seen it unamazed, you’re a donkey.
If after being charmed by it you leave, you’re an ass.”
- Lysippus

εἰ μὴ τεθέασαι τὰς Ἀθήνας, στέλεχος εἶ
εἰ δὲ τεθέασαι μὴ τεθήρευσαι δ᾿, ὄνος,
εἰ δ᾿ εὐαρεστῶν αποτρέχεις, κανθήλιος

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I currently accept review submissions from publishers and authors.
I do accept self-published work, as long as it is extraordinary.
I accept ebooks. My preferred electronic book format is ePub.
It doesn’t have to be freshly published. It doesn’t have to be published at all. It only has to be remarkable.

But keep in mind that (and this is important):
The time I have to read and review the books you send me is extremely limited due to my private life commitments and my paid job.

I will only read the books I personally feel urged to read. If you make me want to read your book, it will get on top of my list.

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"One of the myths about creative writing courses is that students go there to learn how to write. Such learning, when and if it takes place, is a felicitous by-product that may or may not have to do with the teaching; the process of settling down to write for a year would very probably yield results even without teachers. No, the student goes to the course to show himself to teachers who as writers are well placed (he imagines!) to help him present himself to the publishers. Most creative writing courses now offer classes on approaching agents and publishers and promoting one’s work. In short, preparing for the job."
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