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Marissa Stone
Student, educator, technology & social media guru, wearer of multiple hats! :) Plus me!
Student, educator, technology & social media guru, wearer of multiple hats! :) Plus me!

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Pretty soon there will be an app to think about absolutely everything for us...
This is the world's first connected toothbrush that keeps daily tabs on your brushing habits. Check it out:


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Still confused?
Your First Month on Google+ [A Beginner's Guide to GooglePlus]

A great start: Set up, verify, search, add & join, engage, create, post, and hang out... we ♥ Google+!

By +Mervik Haums via +Plus Your Business! 

#socialmedia   #googleplustips  

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Totally represents today"s family lol
Without a doubt, the best Christmas card of the year! 

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Wow! :)
The Secret Watercave in Virgin Gorda

Thanks +JUSTIN TROUPE  for showing me this secret place!!! :) 

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Have you seen this? Thoughts?
3 New Rules of Customer Engagement For Marketing, Sales And Customer Service [Infographic]

According to a most recent study and infographic from SAP there are 2.4 billion ongoing, brand-related conversations among American consumers, daily.

This level of customer-brand conversation is unparalleled, and SAP's visualization aims to showcase that customers can be much more integrated into a brand's marketing model. With proper interaction, customers could morph into brand ambassadors, PR allies in times of struggle and lead-gen resources over time.

From the research highlighted below, apparently 59 percent of customers are willing to try new brands to get better customer service. These figures serve as a reminder how fickle a brand's customer can be if the overall experience isn't strong enough to monopolize their attention. The SAP graphic below also notes that in order to stay relevant you'll need to connect with your customers earlier to help shape their vision of your company as a whole.

Take a look at SAP's infographic on customer engagement:

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Are you planning to attend?

The Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences is  hosting the 2nd annual IT Palooza on 12/12. Hope to see you there!

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I absolutely LOVE castles!
I have finalized my schedule for Stuttgart Germany starting on Saturday, October 26. For anyone around these areas, please let me know and maybe you can join me! Here is where I'm going to be:

October 27th: Arrive in Stuttgart, get rental car (did you know that Avis provides in-car WiFi for pretty cheap???), and travel to Neuschwanstein Castle (Pictured! This is what Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland is modeled after!) for the day. Sunset photos. If any time permits, take a quick trip into Austria.

October 28th: It's a Brothers' Grimm day! I may do a sunrise photo of Heidelberg castle, and then head up to Hanau, and go as far as I can on the "Fairytale Route" to see the areas fairy tales like Red Riding Hood were based out of. Take pictures, and learn along the way. Head back as soon as I've gone far enough. Hoping to visit the Puppet museum there, too.

October 29th: I plan to tour the Black Forest. I'll start with Hohenzollern Castle (sunrise?), and make my way to the German Clock Museum. I'll stop at places along the way. Depending on how long I spent and if I got my Heidelberg Castle fix the day before I might drive up to Heidelberg Castle again for sunset, and then back to Stuttgart. That will take me almost all the way through the Black Forest if my calculations are correct.

October 30th: This is the reason I'm coming to Stuttgart! I'll be speaking at the TYPO3 Conference about "Hacking Social" to a group of software developers there. I'm very excited for the opportunity and love this subject! I'll spend some time at the conference as it makes sense, and then head around Stuttgart to visit sites. I want to try to make it to the Ludwigsburg Palace Gardens (where the "Fairy Tale Garden" is), the Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory, and maybe the Porche and Mercedes Benz Factories. I'd love to spend sunset at the Birkenkopf debris mountain/memorial for those that died in WWII, in respect of my Grandfather who served in Germany and those on both sides that he loved.

October 31st: Head home and celebrate Halloween with my family!

This should be a very exciting and fun trip, and if anyone wants to join me, the more the merrier! I will not make it to Paris unfortunately due to everything I want to do in Germany, but even just researching things, I'm quickly growing to love this history-rich country! I can't wait.

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Oh wow, this is lovely!
The #Landsat 8 satellite spotted lava flowing from a very active volcano on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula this week.
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