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Six Weeks of Big Year Birding
Last year was great, bird-wise. I added 27 species to my North Carolina list, ranging from Trumpeter Swan to Townsend's Solitaire. Team Triangle, of which I was a member, handedly won the Piedmont eBird Challenge with 237 species (mostly due to a productive...

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Oregon Bound
A solo cross-country drive is bound to be an interesting experience - and my 2750-mile journey from central North Carolina to southeastern Oregon in mid-May certainly was. I reached my end destination, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, in a little under a w...

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Enter the New Year
I decided this will be the year I make a dedicated effort to work on my state list, which began the year at 310 species. Not a bad number, but one that can definitely grow. But I never would have thought I would add 4 new birds to that list in a matter of t...

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Quail-Dove Quest
Back in late September, I saw on the ABA Rare Bird Alert page that there was a Key West Quail-Dove at Long Key State Park. It was the first North American record since 2002.  I already had a sketch of a December Florida trip planned out, and all I could do ...

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American Tree Sparrow
It's always nice to see family out-of-state, and visiting another state has an entirely different meaning to the list-obsessed birder. I recently visited Cincinnati for Thanksgiving, and of course I was obliged to do a little birding. So I couldn't help but...

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What Non-birders Need To Know About Birders - A Holiday Special
Winter is here, bringing extremely cooperative Ring-billed Gulls. Chatham County, NC. As the holidays roll around, we birders will be momentarily forced into sitting around the house conversing with our families. This unfortunately coincides with Novembird ...

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eBird Makes County Listing (Even) Easier, Again
Every county lister knows eBird makes their lives easier. There is no way we'd be able to keep track of our totals for every single county we've visited so efficiently. Well, now the folks at eBird have outdone themselves again, with the freakishly-useful e...

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Big Bend: The Hunt for the Colima Warbler
The Colima Warbler is a Mexican species, plain and simple. Yet by some quirk of geography, geology, and climate, a few of these drab warblers breed in the United States. Where, you may ask? In the montane oak forests of the Chisos Mountains - an area coveri...

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Birds in Movies
These days, Hollywood seems to be going crazy over birders. So crazy, in fact, that we've had TWO whole movies made in our honor,  The Big Year and A Birder's Guide To Everything,  in the past few years. Unfortunately, these movies tend to flop when it come...

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Why Can't The Weather Be Worse? and Other Meteorological Musings
North Carolina has pretty much had a perfect year in terms of weather. Sure, we had a few days that didn't get above freezing back in January, but overall it's been comfortable. The summer wasn't hot, we got more than enough rain, and the sunshine was almos...
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