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The Interior Art for the In the Time of the Dead Trilogy
For those of you who don't know, I’m the author and
illustrator for the “ In the Time of the Dead
Trilogy. ” What holding these titles means is that I not only had the
chance to write the books, but I was also able to do the covers and the
interior artwork ...

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Who Would be in YOUR Foxhole?
7 Stock Characters to
Keep Around During THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE by David Monette             What
seven stock characters would you keep around you in order to survive a zombie
apocalypse? Now that is an interesting question. As the author of the zombie

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In case you haven't caught this before, here is my Top 10 Zombie movies: Movies and zombies. The two in my mind have gone hand in hand since I was
a teenager. My friends and I would watch them, dissect them, turn them every
which way as we debated their mer...

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The Eternal Undead Giveaway!
That's right!   If you want a chance to win THE ETERNAL UNDEAD, Book III of the In the Time of the Dead Trilogy, head to Goodreads and signup for the givea way going on there.  Here's the link: The Eternal Undead Giveaway on Goodreads     

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Why are Zombies so Darn Popular?
question. Why are they so popular? You would think that as a guy who has
invested the time into writing a trilogy based on zombies, I would have a
response waiting to fall from the tip of my tongue. The truth is; I kind of
didn’t when ...

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The Eternal Undead is OUT!
Book III, THE ETERNAL UNDEAD , is Here! You can click on the link below or on the sidebar to the right to snag one! The Eternal Undead on Amazon That's not all, either. The Blog Tour for the book also starts today! The first stop is a spotlight where you'll...

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Blog Tour Starts October 1
That's right!  The blog tour for THE ETERNAL UNDEAD starts on October 1 !  Don't miss it! There'll be a bunch of guest blogs and interviews... Should be fun!

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Here it is! The cover for my next book, The Eternal Undead! They thought they had
escaped. The battle for Washington DC is behind them, and the last
remnants of the human race have fled from their undead enemies to a remote
Caribbean island where they try t...

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Cover Reveal on September 28... and some interior work
That's right!   The cover reveal for THE ETERNAL UNDEAD , the final book in the " In the Time of the Dead Trilogy ," will be on the 28th of September . So head back here then and see what the new cover will be.  In the meantime, here is the final illustrati...

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ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT! Signup on Goodreads to grab a signed copy of The Warring Dead. There's only 5! So do it before it's too late! Giveaway Link to Goodreads
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