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Thanks to Brandon for having me. 

Jeremy Jobe

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Google AuthorRank is Coming, Check It Out
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Fantastic Post On Google Author Rank
By My Friend - +AJ Kohn 
Keep Up The Good Work, AJ!

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Jeremy Jobe

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If you want to know about #googleauthorship  , #googleauthorrank  , & #googleplusoptimization  You Need To Read This Post Now!
Google Plus #Authorship  , Agent Rank, & SERP

Cyber-land is all ‘a-buzz’ with the whispers of +Google  Author Rank (The Next Big Thing in SEO). The Internet is flooded with articles, white papers, and plugins dedicated to Google Plus Authorship and when it comes to how to take advantage of Author Rank, EVERYBODY’s got a THEORY. With that being said, the actual FACTS and official information about Google Authorship is ambiguous and confusing at best. So, I thought that I would go ahead and throw my hat into the ring (my #Whitehat  . LOL) and take my shot at explaining how to implement google authorship and optimize your +Google+  profile.

The basic process of set up Google authorship is simple and has only 2 steps:

Two simple steps:

1. Create a Google+ Profile
          Remember to upload a high quality headshot and fill out some profile      
           information such as hometown, etc.
2. Go to,
               sign up with your email and click on the verification link we send

If you don't want to verify your email address, you can also link your content to your Google profile.

Google+ Optimization: Taking Your Profile to the Next Level

Now that you've got the basic (Created your +Google+  Profile & connect it to your website), it’s time to polish it, optimize it and fill it with compelling content to make it SHINE and to make other people want to add you to the Google+ Circles. 

Google+ Profile About Page

Most people look at the about page on their +Google+  Profile as just another silly little basic information page and thus, briefly fill it out will a bare minimum amount of information and content. BIG MISTAKE! First of all, when other people see you on +Google+  and are deciding whether or not to add you to their circles, where do you think they go to help them make that decision? That’s Right! Your About Page.

Taking the time to thoroughly fill out your About Page with information helps show other people your value. I mean, in the real world, who would you want to make friends with and hang out: a strange hobo that you know nothing about or a successful business person or scientist or award-winning artist? Remember, whether people are willing to admit it or not, thing that people care about the most is What’s In It For Them.

Also, the “Story” Section of your About Page allows you to add links to it which are all DoFollow and as anyone who works in the SEO field will tell you, having backlinks from is NEVER A BAD THING. If you want to check out a top-notch example of a very well done Google+ About Page, visit the Google+ Profile of +Amanda Blain  . Amanda Blain has been called the “Queen of Google+ Hangouts” and is in over 2,600,000 Google+ Circles! She is, in my personal opinion, THE ultimate example of how to optimization and utilize Google+ and she’s a very attractive woman too!

Just remember that the basic concept when it comes to creating your +Google+  About Page is: Be Unique, Be Friendly, Be Approachable, Be Inviting, and (Above all else) Be HUMAN.

Google+ Posting

Now it is true that posting a link on Google+ does have a positive Google indexing effect on that linked webpage (in many cases, Google will crawl and index that page instantaneously), but don't just start posting link after link trying to use that to manipulate the Google algorithm and get front page rankings!

First of all, I think all content whether its blog articles, facebook posts, tweets, or Google+ posts should be made and posted with the real users (human beings) as the primary focus - not the Search Engines. Anything less than that is tacky, manipulative, non-integrous and stupid! There is NO secret trick to get on the front page of the search results and quite frankly, trying to use all of these

Blackhat tactics and automated programs to do so uses up more energy, time, and brain power than if you just tried to simply sit down and write some honest, genuine, compelling content that was appealing to people. The only catch is that you have to use your creativity and sadly, a majority of the planet suffers from lack of imagination (a disease for which there is No cure).

When you post a link in Google+, take time write about it, explain, and/or give your opinions and comments about the webpage that the link goes to. And don’t just post links to your stuff, post other things too. There is NOTHING people hate more than a SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTER.

You see, Google+ Hangouts, Google+ Circles and Google+ Communities are about connection with OTHER people. If you focus on that and not on trying to BE #1, you will go a lot farther on Google+ and achieve more popularity than you could ever dream of! IT’S TRUE!

“Genuine Person-ness”, as I call it, is a very valuable and very attractive trait to most people. A genuine, warm personality underlook will get you a lot further in marketing your Brand, Product or Service than just shoving it in people faces all the time. Seriously!

Advanced Google + Optimization Tips

Although, this is an article that is just meant to provide the basics of Google + Optimization, you can take a look at the video below from +SocialMotus. It contains a few more tricks and advanced optimization as well as information about some really groovy chrome extensions for Google+ as well. Enjoy:

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Jeremy Jobe

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A new facelift for Crenshaw Landscape. I could not be more proud.
When You've Reached the Point Where You've had Enough of the Ordinary…..Check Us Out. 09/19/2011 @ 5:37 pm. posted by crenshaw. Crenshaw Landscapes Home Image Thank you for visiting our web si...
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Jeremy Jobe

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Well said indeed....
The English language is Krazy  : D
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Yeah this is crazy! x]
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Jeremy Jobe

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Check Out This New Info About AuthorRank
By SEO Expert +Joel Glenn Wright  
#authorship   #authorshiprankinginfluence   #google   #googleplus   #googleauthorrank   #seo  
Google AuthorRank - The Most Exciting Google Update Yet

Check This Engaging Blog Article About the New +Google  #AuthorRank  Algorithm. #GoogleAuthorRank  is definitely a Game-Changer!

#authorship     #authorrank     #googleauthorship     #contentmarketing     #seo     #sem     #blogs     #authors     #content     #googleplus     #socialmedia   #googleplusupdate    
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Jeremy Jobe

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Fantastic Post! Everyone Should Have This Circle!
Top Google Engagers on Google+

Here is a circle I am shared with the Top Google Engagers. Trust me, if you want to increase your Google #AuthorRank  , then you will definitely want interact with these guys and have them in your +Google+ Circles.

So, Enjoy......................A Little Gift From Me TO All Of You
In this Circle:
Add people
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Jeremy Jobe

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Google+ Profile Website Redirect

Hey, Guys! I am doing a little experiment with linking/redirecting a specific page in my website to my Google+ Profile to make it easier for Google to understand that I am THE Joel Glenn Wright and NOT a fake identity.

The URL I'm attempting to use for this is I will also be providing the link in the link section below. I am using the .htaccess file for this, so we will see how it goes.

I got this idea from in his fascinating and informative article on Google Plus Vanity URLs. 

You can read it here:

Anyways, this is just part of some of the +Google+ Experiments I am doing to test the capacity of +Google+ and also better understand how Google interlinks identities.

If anyone is interested in helping me test this. You can always visit the website urls and let me know if they are going through to the correct places in my +Google+ Profile. But, listen, you don't have to, if you don't want to! (I am certainly NOT doing this experiment nor this post to try to get web traffic or for self promotion purposes - I HATE GOOGLE+ SPAMMERS!)

Anyways, check out the links below or the article by Paul Spoerry. It's wery good.

Thanks for Reading, Guys!

P.S. - I will be releasing a White Paper on all of this research (once I compile and analyze it all) through I will update everyone on that as the time draws closer.

#CustomURL   #vanityurl   #verifiedname  
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Jeremy Jobe

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Identifies software on the web
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Husband/Father, Modern Marketing Evangelist, Marketing Visionary, Owner/CEO of Right Foot Media and Progressive Entrepreneur .
I have over 16 years of experience in the world of business. I have been a part of multiple start-ups, and I have developed multiple successful marketing strategies. I have produced 45 commercials and one movie. I have raised money for oil and gas projects and privately held companies. I have been a small business owner for more than five years now. I…am interested in creating long-lasting and profitable business relationships with my clients, and sharing my experiences of both success and failure. 

I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.  ~Abraham Lincoln (

On the personal side, I am married to the greatest woman on the planet... she really is...I have been blessed with five beautiful and brilliant children. Their ages range from 17 to four years old. I have a business degree from the University of Phoenix and I am a long term student thereof. 

Many in my business will say "Content is king", well I would like to change that to "Accountability is King." Content is a close second…;-)

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. My direct cell is 214.815.4881. 

Well… it is time for me to tell you ..."Get your company off on the Right Foot!”
Bragging rights
I have 5 beautiful children, and I have been a parent for 15 years now. I have produced 1 movie, 45 commercials, raised or helped raise more than $40 million in various different ventures.
  • University of Phoenix
    Marketing, 2008 - 2012
Basic Information
Modern Marketing Strategist
Marketing Strategy, Design Concepting, Project Management, Relationship Management, and Content Writing.
  • Right Foot Media
    President/CEO, 2010 - present
    I own and run the only Modern Marketing Agency that is brand focused and advisory based. We keep our clients in the driver seat, always helping them to present and steer their company in the direction they desire, at the speed they want to go.
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These guys are quick and the service is amazing.
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Great company.
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awesome pizza and awesome people.
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Thank you, Linda for hosting a wonderful networking event. Can't wait to come back.
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