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Maintaining That Summer Glow..
Summer is over! I am actually really sad; but I have so many things coming up the next few months so those events alone are keeping my spirits up! This is the season
us ladies tend to hit the tanning beds most frequent to maintain a glow during this awfull...

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new life, happy life
Rewind. I have been blogging all my life; but have been posting on this particular blog on and off the past 5 years. I bring it up because it is amazing how much of a difference a year can make. My post ideas.. the words I use.. all of it has been busted. I...

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RoseGal Review
 Hello my pretties! I am trying my hardest to really blog more, life just goes way too fast when you're having fun! I wanted to do a quick review on -- The website is full to the brim with gorgeous clothes and timelessly
beautiful styles. They ...

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It's A Girl xx
 My brother and his fiancee are welcoming their third child, and finally a girl!!! Our family is so excited; especially the grandmothers! :)   Brina is so blessed to have so many women around her that love her; so we all got together and threw her an amazin...

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Summer Tanning
hay dolls! I did a flawless winter tanning blog post a few months ago, and promised i'd update with a summer tanning post as well - so here it is! So we all want that beautiful golden glow, the kind Brazilian models sport on the runway--that tan that makes ...

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you are beautiful in your own skin
this is a somewhat controversial post, that I hope plenty of you can sink your
teeth into. (do not bite too hard, this is not a debate). let me start by
saying that I am 5'5'' and weigh 160lbs. These past few months I've been gaining weight; however I hav...

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Valentine's Day < 3
Happy Valentine's Day!! I personally do not have a personal vendetta against Valentine's day; but a lot of my friends do. I do not understand it! I have my personal beliefs as to why they do, and wanted to address them in this post. Of course you cant have ...

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hair care secrets ;-)
Hi Babes! Alright, let’s be honest, the way your hair looks can make or break your day. Ladies who wear short styles aren’t entirely exempt from the universal bad hair day, but the odds are more for than against them. My hair is just so heavy, I am prone to...

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