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My name is Ashley I'm 27 and love all things beauty, fashion, hair, makeup and more. I love reading blogs about those topics, so a friend and I decided why not get one started since we enjoy those things so much and just have fun with it.
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College graduate who loves playing with makeup and beauty products!
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I got lash extensions by Emily and I LOVE them. I got the mink set and couldn't be happier. She was super nice and friendly and made the experience enjoyable. She explained everything she was doing and how to take care of them. Abdriend of mine gets her lashes done by her so I decided to try it myself, hers are on a bit of he linger side. I went more natural and I'm glad I did, They look awesome! Would highly recommend!!
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I'm from Jackson but have moved out of town, I was home visiting family and thought I'd get my car washed. I paid $7 for the silver wash since I wanted my car to be dried and it's $2 extra for air... my car came outbstill pretty wet and covered in soap! If I would have had time I would have went right back through to have it washed again. What a joke. Very disappointed in the quality of this car wash. Years ago it used to be decent. I won't be going back. I normally get my car washed where I'm from in canton for $4 and they do a great job and it includes drying.
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We brought my French bulldog here after she was hit by a car and another vet clinic didn't have the ability to preform the surgery she needed. They rushed her to the back upon arrival we were there about three hours and they up dated us on what was going on and options for her. Long story short she stayed there for 3 days and had surgery on her pelvis, all the employees were really nice and informative. I know they saved her life and I'm glad we brought her here it was worth the money knowing she was getting care 24/7 and they had the tools to help her.
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I had two Muslim gentlemen come and install my carpet for a bedroom and hallway, they trashed my bathroom which I'm not sure why they were even in, asked for several bottles of water, thankfully we had some to give them and left those empty upstairs as well. My bathroom counter was all wet and my sink dirty with debris and spit from them. We also paid extra for them to take the old carpet away and they left that along with more trash and water bottles in my neighbors garage! Would not use again or recommend.
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My husband and I are first time parents and wanted to make sure the second car seat we had for his car was installed properly so we came and Ruth helped us make sure the car seat was all set and safe. I'm glad we came here for a piece of mind.
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I came here for decorations for my baby shower, no one around to ask for help, we spent a small fortune on hellium balloons that didn't stay filled with air or inflated through out the party which we picked them up maybe 30min before the party started so that was frustrating and a waste of money. They have a great selection but low quality balloons for the price. Won't be getting balloons here again.
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I like the store, its big and clean. Lots of pedicure stations. I went and got a gel polish change, it was my first time coming to this location. There is like a residue on my nails, they are not shiny like they normally are after a gel manicure. I'm not sure why they look dull, I've washed them several times. And there is polish on my skin around my nails that she could have cleaned up. She also didn't do a great job filing my nails. I don't have acrylics, they are natural and it lookes like dents in my nail bed. I'm going to back if this residue doesn't come off, I can't take the dullness.
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