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Its been a long day at work and finally you are heading home. While you enjoy Miami’s “awesome” traffic at 6.00 pm you get hit by the idea that you have nothing prepared for dinner, there is nothing in the refrigerator and you are too tired to stop by the local restaurant and wait for you “usual” take out.

Meanwhile your family is at home waiting and wondering… What’s for dinner? Let Healthy Gourmet Miami Personal Chef Services answer that question for you.

At Healthy Gourmet Miami Personal Chef Services we don’t mind about family size, stage or dynamic as no one family is alike. We will always find the best way to help you.

Our Personal Chef Meal Services are designed to fit a wide variety of clientele.

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Whether you desire an elegant event for a spare-no-expense wedding, an intimate anniversary dinner, or a fun and funky place to host a reunion, shower, or any type of get-together even at home, we can help you fit together dozens of tiny details into a single, perfect picture. Based on your needs, taste, and budget, we offer everything from simple consultation to overall planning and coordination.
Below is a sample list of many of our services:

Site Selection
Vendor Referals
Budget Preparation
Guest Services and Accommodations
Ceremonial Services
Rehersal Direction
Program Creation
Personal Touches
Speech & Toast Writing
A la Carte Consultation

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Healthy Gourmet Miami holds private one-on-one and group cooking classes and our cooking style is eclectic, integrating our favorite global flavors while focusing on local, organic and sustainable products.
Contact us today!

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#Healthy #Eating vs. #Dieting
First things first. Healthy eating IS NOT dieting. One of the most common misconceptions about healthy eating is that is only intended for losing weight. That my friends cannot be further from the truth.

What is the difference? - Healthy Eating is a part of a new #lifestyle and #mindset and it is intended to be for life while dieting is only intended to last a set period of time.

Times are changing, new discovering are being made every day and with them, changes our understanding of the human body and its ways. What we used to know as professionals 10 years ago about nutrition, healthy eating, dieting and metabolism has now become “the basics”. I have personally learned that most people learned about “the basics” on internet and what “they’ve heard a friend say”…
These blog is my attempt to share what I have learned in the past few years, what I keep learning and what I know about healthy lifestyles, clean eating, nutrition and also to practice some myth busting about certain “perfect diets” and especially to share some recipes I have personally created to make that clean eating a delicious habit.
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