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Jamie White
pastor's wife & squatch-hunter
pastor's wife & squatch-hunter

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Approaching Others
"Did you know smoking is bad for you?" Asking this directly to a lady with cigarette in hand did not seem like the most politically correct way to begin a conversation, but nevertheless this awkward teenage boy asked away.  He continued to dig himself into ...

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"Silence" Questions for Discussion
The past month, our book community has been reading Silence by Shusaku Endo, a story about 16th century Japan where a Portuguese missionary/priest is captured and attempts to defend his faith to the very end. If you would like to join in the discussion, our...

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Book Community - Fall 2015
It's time to start up our Radial book community again (cue cheering section)! Because I know everyone has crazy busy schedules (work, school, kids, sports, etc.), I'll try to keep our reading minimal.  Less than a book a month, and if that's too much we'll ...

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new post up!

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The Work of the Holy Spirit
(the following is a section I recently wrote for a short article on the Holy Spirit for the Brethren Church publication, the Evangelist.  My writing partner started her section on the nature of the Holy Spirit and I picked up here...) Transitioning into the...

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(New Post!) on my addiction to social media and how comparing ourselves to others is unnecessary when finding our fullness in Christ.

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Get Outta Here, Facebook! (why I gave up social media for Lent)
As I groggily reach for my phone in my usual
morning fog, the alarm beeps seem to grow louder.  Who picked that annoying ringtone
anyway?  Alarm turned off, I pick up my
phone and start to browse the usual social media outlets: facebook, Instagram,
and mayb...

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"Erasing Hell" by Francis Chan - discussion guide
This week at our book community, we are discussing the important (yet frequently dismissed) topic of hell.  We are reading Francis Chan & Preston Sprinkle's book, Erasing Hell , and I have a free pdf of the discussion guide compiled for our group available ...

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"Searching for God Knows What" discussion questions
For a full leaders guide of Donald Miller's book, Searching for God Knows What ,   click here .

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