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Gunwoo Gim
A half-blind, hard-of-hearing, dim-witted one
A half-blind, hard-of-hearing, dim-witted one


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Get Civillization VI + 2 DLC packs and more for $12!
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This was educational.
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recently bought a really expensive gear.

// Victorinox Victorinox Cybertool 41 ( 1.7775.T )
color = red-translucent - they call it transparent though -
EAN13 code = 7611160105936
1 = small blade
2 = large blade
3 = nail file + nail cleaner + metal saw + metal file
4 = wood saw
5 = scissors
6 = pliers + wire cutter + wire crimping tool
7 = wrench with {4mm female Hex drive + 5mm female Hex drive}
8 = bit case with {bit Torx 15 + bit Torx 10}, {bit Torx 8 + bit Hex 4mm}, {bit Phillips 2 + bit slotted 4mm}, {bit Philips 1 (Pozidriv) + bit Philips 0 (Pozidriv)}
9 = can opener + 3mm screw driver
10 = cap lifter + 6mm screw driver + wire stripper
11 = short punch knife + sewing eye for leather sewing
12 = multi-purpose hook
13 = scraper
14 = chisel
15 = corkscrew + 1.5mm screw driver
16 = pin
17 = toothpick
18 = pressurized ballpoint pen which you can also use when you set DIP switches
19 = tweezers
20 = key ring

#victorinox #swissarmyknife #tools
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Two of the things you have to do right after getting a Redmi Note 4X is :
1. Get "the apps with push notifications" out of "inactive" state at 'Settings(SYSTEM & DEVICE) --> Additional Settings --> Developer options --> Inactive apps';
2. Turn the battery saver off at 'Settings(SYSTEM & DEVICE) --> Battery & performance --> Power' -- I guess you could also possibly just turn it off app by app at the "App battery saver" --
3. Voila! push notifications are being pushed and not ignored.

What's wrong with this F'ing cheap phone maker? I mean, I'd seen a few bugs already just a couple of days after the acquisition. Has anyone found a nice custom rom for Redmi Note 4X - the one with Mediatek Helio X20 and Mali T880- ?

#xiaomi #android #redmi-note-4x
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There has been this kind of mosquito in Korea, that eats other mosquito larvae - it can eat about 26 mosquito larvae in a day and it stays in the larva form for 16 days - AND, it doesn't suck blood ;)
Well, the important fact is the researchers succeeded to make it reproduce.

"광릉왕모기는 지카 바이러스나 뎅기열을 옮기는 숲모기와 서식 환경이 유사하기 때문에 지카·뎅기열 예방에 효과적으로 활용될 수 있다. 광릉왕모기와 같은 왕모기족은 유충일 때는 다른 모기의 유충을 잡아먹지만 성충이 되면 암수 모두 흡혈하지 않고 꽃의 꿀을 섭취하기 때문에 모기의 천적이자 꽃가루를 매개해 주는 이로운 곤충으로 알려져 있다."

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북한같은데서 왔어도 견문이 넓은 사람이다. 근데 임대아파트 완전 꿀이겠다... 탈북인이 가난한 부모 둔 남한사람보다 보다 인생 편할지도? 언어·문화에서 너무 스트레스 받아서 힘들거나...? 흐음
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well... just formatted a usb drive using mkfs.vfat and copied a couple of files into the file system and guess what the fuck, it wouldn't work on the Windows box. the notebook is now out of battery life but roughly, it was ubuntu 16.04 and mkfs.vfat.
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This kind of ant tends to block the entrance of their nest when they're in a soil-based container. Interesting, truly. ( - apparently - Formica japonica in Korea ) #ants #곰개미
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Plastic jar ant colony containers are not good. It easily gets scratches when you do some work on it. I really like Ikea's VARDAGEN glass jar which was 4900 Korean Won. One of the pictures below is of the jar made of plastic.
Ah, a plastic lid would be nice since you can easily make a hole on it.
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