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Gunwoo Gim
A half-blind, hard-of-hearing, dim-witted one
A half-blind, hard-of-hearing, dim-witted one

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Once experienced the same symptoms for a couple of months when I worked on irregular schedules. Ah, not once, I had experienced them for a short time before.

These, having endured winter, now bloom to welcome spring.

Can't really take advantage of the IRC communities when you work in the daytime on your day-work shit in the Far East. but to me as a native Korean; forums or bug-tracker stuff are a little intimidating. I'll try and put every ounce of my energy though. #language

I hate this trend of mixing up GBs and GiBs... I fucking want to get a perfect 1 GiB logical volume. holy crap.


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just quit my 3-day-a-week strength training; I'm gonna resume it when I have got my bedroom or much time to sleep without any interruption from my roommate Mom; I got dead-tired 5 days a week.

I think I'll do some deadlift once a week using the barbell on the 1st floor of my workplace; though I doubt I could get enough weights to put on the bar. meh

Best Wishes,
From A Studio Apartment.
#strengthtraining #deadlift

눈수술후 겨울마다 안구건조증을 심하게 겪고있는데, Meibomian gland에서 분비되는 기름의 성상이 나이에 비해 안 좋다고 한다. 기름 짜주는 분들이 그러는데 노랗고 끈끈한 기름이 나온단다. #ocularsurgery #meibomian_gland

The public gym I've recently joined has got a couple of employees; Today one of them said to me preparing to work out in a pair of ballet slippers that I should wear some normal shoes for exercises; I said they were ballet slippers and for workouts - FWIW: shoes with flat soles are good for the deadlift-; She said I have to wear common shoes for workouts in the gym so that I wouldn't get injured in the feet by getting hit by a stupid falling weight or something;

I said I wouldn't do any exercise that could possibly drop something on my feet; but she didn't give a shit; what a lame employee. HA. I surrendered to her and have got to get a pair of COMMON workout shoes to show them pretending I'm as stupid as the gym policy maker. though I will be in the ballet slippers whenever I'm doing barbell trainings which are my main workouts.


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The sky at 1:29 a.m. is not dark enough; What's with it?
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