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Portait of a girl and her cat, 2016 Butterball's nasty lil teeth after years of being a stray. I think they're so cute! Shirt from Birdsong London !! amazing ethical, fmeinist, sweatshop free clothes My bebo  Got my hair dyed and cut by Steph at Salon Cyan!...

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Since moving to montreal and starting my phd in September, I have had next to no time to blog or even take photos of my outfits. School is intense. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, and sometimes I feel like I'm failing at it. I'm doing okay though, an...

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New Apartment, New Office, New Paige
New Apartment, New Office, New Paige Food? Where?? family portrait Newly adopted, ex-stray kitty named Butterball The cuddliest baby ever

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big ass Japan post

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Lens Flavors Contacts Review!
The site LensFlavors  generously gave me a pair of colored contacts to review! As they say, to "add another flavor" to my eye. I like my blue eyes but because my eyes are such a prominent feature on my face, I have always wondered what I'd look like with di...

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Hair by Steph at Salon Cyan Dress from Sheinside

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My lovely friend Toni Darling makes unique amazing jewelry. Today we took some pics to show how one could wear them and i fell in love with every piece. here is her website!!!  to order things!! follow toknii on  instagram  for more genius creations!!! pers...

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Lilly   My best friend is too damn beautiful!!!!  This summer is going to be all about fake freckles and bodysuits for me We are both wearing all American Apparel (except shoes) because now I love my employee discount hehe!!  talking shit *laughing at the...

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red devil
I'm wearing Topshop eyeshadow in Red today, made me feel witchy

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02 16
Patch from Stay Home Club Being an auntie is so special to me. I love my niece so much! I was starting to wonder if I'd ever feel something toward babies, and now... well, she is a bundle of good-smelling joy  It's snowy af here in Canada  but the cats are ...
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