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Ada Lovelace (UofA WICS)
Yeah, I'm a CS major.
Yeah, I'm a CS major.

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Don't forget : Website Party Tues. Nov 27, 7pm, GS 906!

If you're feeling especially ambitious, check out the site ( and see if there are any changes you'd like to make or features you'd like to add.

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Hey everyone!

Our next meeting won't be for a couple of weeks (Tuesday 11/27), but we wanted to give everyone a heads up.

We're going to have a website party! Our current website <> is very cool and informative (and miles better than the old website thanks to our awesome communications director), but there is always room for improvement. And more importantly, we want to teach all of you some web development skills. We plan on breaking everyone into groups, with at least one web dev expert per group to serve as a guide and answer questions. You'll learn HTML and CSS, and you'll get to instantly see the changes you make. Perhaps by the end of the evening, you'll even be able to start creating your own website!

So, we hope to see you there! All skill levels are welcome to join.

Come to our meeting this Tuesday! We're going to talk about "Impostor Syndrome", a mindset that can often be found among women in computing (cough including myself cough). 

Do you ever feel like you don't really belong in computing, and you're afraid that someday others will find out how much knowledge you really lack?
Do you feel like you've gained achievements just by luck or through charm, not on your merits?
Do you downplay your success or have trouble accepting compliments?

Don't let this insidious syndrome get you down or stand in your way! The first step to fixing it is awareness. Come talk with us about it on Tuesday at 7pm in GS 906, and we'll help you address this, so you can own your achievements with confidence!

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Join us for our meeting and a crash course in Python

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We're sending people to the New Mexico Celebration of Women in Computing!

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Check out pix from Grace Hopper! You should go next year—there are many ways to fund your trip, like being a Hopper or getting a scholarship. Don't miss out! :D

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Help UA kids store moar data!!!
Dropbox is giving away an extra 3GB to students who verify their schools, plus more if we get more UA kids to sign up. Do it! You should have Dropbox even if you don't go to UA :D

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Google is coming to speak to just WiCS on Monday.

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Join us for our first programming class in HTML and CSS
Intro class: 12:30 - 2:30
Intermediate class: 3:00-5:00
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