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Librarian, knitter, filker, Ravenclaw
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"The first thing that you need to know about Boudica is that she was a tall red-head who didn’t take sass from anyone. According to Roman historian and He-Man woman-hater club member Lucius Cassius Dio, she was “possessed of greater intelligence than often belongs to women.” Way to back-hand that compliment, dude. Dio also wrote that she had a harsh voice, a piercing gaze, and wore a giant badass gold torc around her neck. So basically she was EXACTLY HOW A QUEEN SHOULD BE."

Tagging more WWI unit diaries.  Some Indian units have recently been scanned, and I'm working on a mobile ambulance unit.  It's really interesting, especially since this one has an especially talkative adjutant.

There are a lot of really depressing little off-hand comments about how the Indian forces are regarded.  You're in the trenches in WWI, does your life really need to be crappier?  Yes, apparently it does, because racism.  This unit is the only one which will treat Indian troops, and they keep not having the right supplies.  To be fair, nobody ever has the right supplies, but I suspect more than disorganization is often going on here.

And while I absolutely get why especially in a crisis situation it's really important to have food that your troops recognize, and they should get lentils if they're supposed to get lentils, but still the sentence "The supply cart for tomorrow sent biscuits again.  This is a serious matter." is kind of hilarious.

The unit currently is having a lot of trouble with troops coming in with clearly self-inflicted wounds, and there's a fascinating description from the surgeon of how to identify them (apparently the common thing was to shoot yourself in the left hand, which then made it really obvious that it had been done at very close range).

So, being 30 apparently sucks. I'm just hoping I got all the bad stuff out of the way on the first day, because I'm posting this from the hospital with a lovely new cluster of surgical scars.

On Wednesday I made dinner (it was really tasty too, all from scratch, but I may never eat brussels sprouts again...), and after dinner felt like maybe I had eaten a bit too much. It quickly progressed to all sorts of unmentionable GI unpleasentness. But by Thursday morning mostly my stomach just hurt and I was the only staff member in for opening, so I went to work. By ten when my coworker got in this had clearly been a bad decision and he sent me home.

Roughly the same thibg ensued Friday morning, only I made it to 10:30 that time. It wasn't getting significantly worse, but also wasn't getting better so I decided I would go to thr urgeng care xlinic the next day, especially since iy was mostly on the right side, which could mean appendicitis.

Urgent care doctor thought it was actually more likely to be gallstones, and sent me to ghe hospital for an ultrasound. This requirdd a taxi, who nevet seem to understand my street address despite the fact that it's a somewhat prominant street in town as well as a not-uncommon person's name. Dispatcher dude, I really am sorry about having a crying fit at you, but understanding street addressses on the phone is in fact your job.

After a profoundly uncomfortable bumpy ride, and a while wandeting around trying to find the ER, I got seen pretty quickly and they did all manner of tests. Fun fact: I may not have a right kidney. Because bodies are weird it's evidently not uncommon to have only one kidney with the heart defects I have, but it's slightly surreal finding that out at my age. They might also just not have been able ro find it if its lower down than usual.

Anyway, definitely an infected gall bladder, and I was in surgery by about 5:30. They did it laparoscopically so I have five giant bandaids now.

Poor Ben had no idea what was going on other than me going to urgent care, since it was Yom Kippur and his phone was off all day. (It's traditional to fast and wesr white, so go me?)

I'm now slightly stoned and thus not in too much pain; I shpuld be going home later today but I'll be off work for about a week. I'm also getting better at typing on my phone, but that plus the drugs is why there ard so many typos.

I'm going to finish my broth now, which is apparently really hardcore broth since I was issued a knife a fork and two spoons to eat it with 0.o

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The Charles is just absurdly beautiful at this time of year...and I have the somewhat disconcerting suspicion that the camera on my phone I used to take this with is a better camera than my actual camera. The real camera does more fancy camera things, but it's not like I ever use those features anyway.

Ok, Samsung tech support chat guy, how is "How do I find out my phone number" a hard question, and why am I asking you instead of being able to find it online or in the helpful menu or by clicking through menus on the phone?

I have finally found it.  Settings -- More -- About Device -- Status -- My Phone number.

Overall, I find Android a thoroughly reasonable operating system, but that is Way Too Many Menus.

Is this because it now assumes that you have had an unbroken chain of cell phones since age 4 and thus told your phone what its number was?

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A little cutie for your Friday night.

"Rawr! I am a dinosaur-eater! Fear me!"

#cute #hedgehog #ns

Also, now that I've thought about it more, I suspect "Jennifer" at T-Mobile is a computer.  A very good tech support program is way more frustrating than a low-level one, because they make all the noises like a human who actually understands you, but then they don't answer your question.  If I new straight off it was a computer I'd just stick to simple questions and wouldn't have even asked mine, because I know it's not equipped to understand that sort of thing.

I'm looking at cell phones, and am getting frustrated with all my options.  Chat support through any of the vendors I'm looking at is unhelpful, because they seem baffled at the existence of someone who doesn't own a smartphone and are apparently only trained to repeat the little sales blurbs about the device, rather than actually answering my question.

After wobbling on iDevice vs Android, I'm looking at Samsung phones.  They have one that looks like what I need, the Avant.  Looking at the technical specs, it looks really similar to the Galaxy S4 or S5, minus a few silly bells and whistles like heart monitors.  The Avant costs $215; the S4 and S5 cost $500-$600.

ASSUMING I AM FROM MARS AND KNOW NOTHING OF THESE THINGS, why do the S4 and S5 cost so much more?  They seem to have almost the same operating system -- is the difference actually significant?  They're all G4 network capable and have similar storage capacity.  The Avant's screen is smaller, but still larger than an iPhone's, unless I'm completely misreading it.

My Fitbit says I got 7 hours of sleep last night.  Unfortunately, this is only because it can't distinguish between sleep and lying very still and staring at the insides of one's eyelids. :-/


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From today's Ms. Magazine FB page:

Happy birthday to actor extraordinaire Dame Helen Mirren! And she's a feminist extraordinaire to boot:

Asked during an interview if feminism was something she had signed up for, she said, "I didn’t 'sign up.' For me feminism is just fucking obvious. It is not an ideological or a political thing."

(Note: Had a fun visit with Dr. Who-loving friends yesterday. When asked who was my doctor, I had to admit I don't watch the series. But before the latest doctor had been announced, I really wanted it to be Dame Helen Mirren. She would have been MY doctor for sure!)
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