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Hugo Barbosa
A random guy from Portugal who enjoys reading, movies, blogging and playing games.
A random guy from Portugal who enjoys reading, movies, blogging and playing games.

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The Nocturnal forums have been slow as of lately. What news for KAP? Any plans for future releases? What will be the future of Nocturnal? Anyone knows anything?

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Congratulations, +John Harper et al for Blades in the Dark being nominated for best roleplaying game at the Origins Awards.

In a couple of weeks, I'll try Blades in the Dark. I have one question, though, about Stress. Since Stress is only relieved during Downtime, isn't it a bit too easy for a player to gain Trauma Conditions since he may start using Stress for all kinds of actions and considering they can also earn Stress during Downtime (in actions other than Vice) and during Freeplay? What is everyone's experiences on this?

Need some ideas. Here's the thing:

The Player-Knights visited the Kingdom of Inaperçu and were granted the whetstone of Tudwal Tudclud to defeat a powerful giant saxon warrior (I adapted some events from the Grey Knight adventure to my own campaign). En route to the evil saxon castle, the knight in possession of the whetstone was tricked by a powerful sorceress into giving up the whetstone. Some years pass, and King of Inaperçu sends one of his elf knights to bring back the whetstone.

What do you think the king should do if the player-knights are unable to retrieve the whetstone from the sorceress and give it back?

1) The elf king curses the knight who gave up the stone (or his land). What should this curse be?
2) The elf king demands some sort of repayment (in kind or in service). What should this be?
3) What other demands should I impose upon the player-knights to attone for having lost this importante treasure?

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Don't know if this is the right place to ask. I've been following with great interest John Harper's actual play videos on Youtube. They seemingly stopped in June although they announced they would continue. Did the show came to an end or are there plans to continue? Keep up the good work, by the way, I love the game.

The Trait section mentions the Monster Burner for guidelines to create new Traits. This got me thinking. Is the Monster Burner still compatible with the Burning Wheel Gold? All of it, some of it?

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Very sad news, indeed. I can only give his family and friends my most heartfelt condolences. Thanks to him, I started playing King Arthur Pendragon RPG so I'll always owe him. May he find a place at the Round Table wherever he is.

Here's the situation:

In Francia, Earl Robert leads part of the army against the Château du Sable Noir, a strategic point guarding a route that Arthur needs to flank the Roman Army. Count Otto is holed up inside the castle and two other counts are within two day's march from the place so reinforcements are on their way.

At a certain point, Otto sends his champion to challenge one of the player-knights. Unbeknownst to everyong, this champion is Otto's daughter, Lady Rotrude. No one knows she is a woman as she's using a closed helm but at a certain point, the player knight will become aware he's fighting a woman.

What do you think happens next? What would be interesting in this situation? Why did Otto send a woman to fight? Was he wounded during the siege and Rotrude took command of the army? What happens when everyone finds out she's a woman?

Reading 13th Age. I was never a fan of d20 in its iterations (D&D, Pathfinder) but I'm really enjoying this one. One thing confuses me, and I'll use the Barbarian as an example:

At level 1, you choose three talents from the Barbarian's list. Let's say I choose Barbaric Cleave, Slayer and Whirlwind. Now, under each Talent there are three feats (Adventurer, Champion and Epic).

Does this mean, I automatically receive the Adventurer feat of each chosen Talent or is it just one Feat (among the three Talents) according to the table on page 43?

As a result of random family event during the Winter Phase, there are rumors that one of the Player-Knight's relatives is a heretic. Need ideas for this situation. Doesn't have to be a fully fledged adventure. Random ideas are good to spark creativity.
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