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Milkshakes are a powdered mix, as told to me by the car hop. No milk in the shakes at all. Fish was cold inside. Fries greasy, soggy & cold. Paul Bunyan Burger was small & rancid. I will never eat here again & would advise anyone the same.
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I went to the hospital in December, 2013. I did not have insurance. A representative came to my room with some forms for Medicaid. I did not want to receive the services. A couple of days later, the rep came back & told me I had to fill out the forms. I filled them out, then notified the rep a couple of days later not to process the forms & not to send my information on to DHS. She not only continued my application, she illegally applied for Medicaid for my daughter. I never authorized her to do this. Plus, she was told that my daughter was already receiving Medicaid. She overstepped any legal authority she had to make this request. To add onto the absurdity, I was just informed today that this person was named my daughter's legal guardian by DHS!! This had nothing to do with the rep, but also shows absurdity within DHS & Medicaid. Because now, I cannot even discuss my daughter's Medicaid situation with the Medicaid offices, because there is a legal guardian. If this rep had not stuck her nose where it was not invited, we would not be in this situation.
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The salad was brown. The fish tasted old. Big chunks in the gravy. Coke did not taste like Coke. Dessert was a thawed out piece of cake from the grocery store. 1st & last time!!
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Racism at it's peak. The entire department is prejudiced against anyone that is not white. 98.5% Caucasian population. I am not sure if there are any minorities that work for the city.
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Where does the incompetence end? I went in with chest pains. I told the ER staff that I had a religious belief not to take medications & that when I did stop taking them, I was allergic to aspirin. The doctor mentioned doing an angioplasty & nothing else. I woke up the next day to find out the doctor had placed medicated stents in an artery. Not only were the medicated stents a violation of my religious beliefs, those type of stents are not recommended for people allergic to aspirin! I asked where my clothes & belongings were. The staff didn't know, but thought they may have been in the operating room. They said it was locked until Monday, but someone from security would be able to look. Despite my asking the staff at least a dozen times over Saturday & Sunday, the staff never bothered to call security to look. I also did not have insurance & was reluctant to apply for Medicaid. It seems the hospital was more intent on me registering for Medicaid than they were about my personal property. Mysteriously, my belongings appeared minutes after I was coerced into filling out the Medicaid application. Despite my attempts to cancel the Medicaid, the hospital rushed my paperwork in to DHS. Medicaid covered about $75,000 (only actually paying a small percentage of the total) out of just over $100,000 in "services". I doubt St. Joe's will ever see a penny of the remainder. The hospital excuses the doctor and staff for this because by signing the consent form I waived all my legal rights & religious beliefs. Also, the fact that the ER staff never wrote down my religious beliefs or allergies. To this day, the hospital refuses to correct my medical records & also refuse to even speak with me.
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They do not know how to care for diabetic patients. They refuse to allow a second opinion or to meet with a specialist in diabetes (endocrinologist). They do not share information with parents. They refuse to ask the parent about the child's history. The alter the medications based upon their own opinions, not facts. They tell parents they wouldn't understand what they are doing, then tell the parent it is none of their business. In four days, only saw a doctor 3 times & none of them would talk to the parent. Said they would be back later & never show up. Refused to allow the parent to transfer to another hospital, in violation of the parent's & child's legal rights!
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