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Hi Scotty. My name is Florencio and I'm from India. I just joined your community.  am a new driver and I came across your car fixing videos just by chance whilst viewing some other YouTube videos and I liked your vids a lot.  since I am new to driving I have some questions which I would like to ask you, as I've asked many people before but couldn't get satisfactory answers. The questions may seem too dumb and stupid to you but I would still like to know the answers. so please help me.

the first question I would like to ask is how to start a car that has to be stopped on an uphill without it backing backwards at all. I have tried it many times but it still moves backwards quite a bit. I'm afraid it may bang into another car behind.

the second question is that, is it possible that a manual transmission car  be accidentally moved into the reverse gear, or will it not go into reverse gear at all as it is moving in the forward direction. If at all I still try to do it then what could happen and how would I know what I'm doing is wrong?  is there some kind of a warning signal etc. to make me aware of it?
Please enlighten me.
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