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Naast Arduino's en Raspberry Pi's is ook de 3D printer een zeer geschikt middel om mee te prototypen.

Daarom verkopen wij vanaf nu ook filament van het merk Formfutura. Dit is filament van hoogwaardige kwaliteit én van Nederlandse bodem.

Er worden wekelijks nieuwe kleuren en soorten toegevoegd aan de webshop, dus houd de site goed in de gaten!
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3D printing of a celtic skull with bronzeFill from colorFabb!

#colorfabb #bronzefill #3d-printing

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Please help us make a statement here (please react on the origional message not this repost)!
This is a "burning letter" to Niantic/Google / The Ingress Dev Team.

I want to call you lot to a halt concerning the implementation of this so-called "Ultra-Strike"

For a whole load of reasons even...
Let's get started.

First of all; Don't start device discrimination, implementing device-dependant functions will only lead to more incentive for hacking the client so 'everyone' can obtain these items (and in my opinion, it should be that way. or at least not limited by device type, make something like a class-system then.)

Second  of all; there's way more important issues to turn to.
Shortly ago in the Netherlands, Enlightened agents had an action which involved over 50 L8 agents, creating 500+ Level 8 portals (meanwhile reducing the total P8 count for resistance in the Netherlands to 50-) The action didn't cause much public notice as far as i've seen, but an effect we've clearly noticed is that one of our legitimate agents, who also operated together with us between 23:00 and 5:00AM (ending date Juli 21st) got banned for using a so-called "revolver-tab" on google chrome along with paint, powered by a script to take automated screenshots of the whole process in painting holland green.

Thirdly; Bots are still rampant, nevertheless.

Move your focus on trying to really "get" the bots instead of spending time on apple-like behaviour (device dependancy) and destroying the game for the L8's, they are your true fans who will continue playing even if things get a little rough. But noises everywhere are suggesting most players are quite done with how seriously the (for players) serious matters seem to be taken.

On the bright side; props on the update concerning resonator deployal and using upgrades, truly great work!

But get your ass after those bots!

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En toen konden de smurfen in Alkmaar niks meer linken ;) 

Gemaakt door @laef en @jaapschaap(ingame namen)!

PS gister rond 18:30 gemaakt, rond 1:00 pas was...

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Ingress Portal Calculator misspelling mania update!

Version 1.1.8 has the following changes:
- Many misspellings solved thanks to +Hayo Jongbloed 
- Fixed changed game logic (AP changes: 'install shield' reward went from 150 AP to 0 AP)

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Finally, the best ingress tool in the market gets an update again!

Had no (broadband)internet for the past 10 days, so didn't use my PC for exactly 10 days :) So that's why my update is so late...

So what did i do with v1.1.7 (requested a lot):
- Added wiki page: resonators

Comming soon:
- Extra calculator(s)
- Tablet friendly version (different app)

Thanks for the feedback (once again):
+Kuba Michalik Happy with the new resonator wiki?
+Andrey E. Lappo Can you please sent me a englisch version? Google translate doesn't make it understandable for me!
+Derek Eskens  Hope you can change your review to just your feedback for my app, and not point other calculators (to awnser your question, they where first)...
+Макс Ефремов Did you mean in the calculator or on a wikipage (like i added)?

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