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Not-Quite Liveblog of the Republican Debate
I'm a little late to the party, but here goes. Cruz just started his first turn: Cruz is claiming the "Obama economy is bust" 10% flat tax Reduce/remove regulation on industries _ Commentary--I used to work in supplier regulation. I don't care how many ti...

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Dem debate #1 Liveblog attempt
We'll see how well this works, but after that "fight night" intro by CNN, I've gotta try and liveblog this mess.

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Welcome all!
i know this is blogger, and it's not as clean as Wordpress, but I hope it'll suffice for the time being as a sort of Lounge substitute. If people like it and want me to continue hosting, I'd be more than glad to do so.

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Zelda WiiU Delay
So Zelda for WiiU has been delayed indefinitely. According to this video , the development is going so well that the dev team is discovering all kinds of things they want to add to the game. This fleshing out and completing the game to perfection is the cur...

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Workout Update
So since I run on a treadmill I have a hard time staying motivated to run for much longer than 15-20 minutes, which is about 1 mile for me. My husband was browsing apps today and found this amusing one, though it doesn't really work for a treadmill as you h...

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Is Anyone Actually Surprised?
Well, Ted Cruz announced his vie for Presidency today. Folks, I hate to break it to you, but he is currently a viable candidate. He appears to be clever, he has the "pulled up by my own bootstrap" narrative, and he's damn near as flashy as Governor GoodHair...

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Fitbit Charge HR Review
So Husband and I have been trying to get into shape, that dream of all New Years resolutions. To that end I've been trying to discipline myself to calorie track and use the Fitbit Force I got for Christmas. Well. Husband and I finally started actually doing...

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Winter Weather (Maybe?)
So as the northern part of the North East is getting constantly hammered this month, the mid-Atlantic region has yet to see more than a dusting of snow, though we're getting All The Cold. -20F last night after wind chills and looking to be in that ballpark ...

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Stand Against
I don't even know what to say that hasn't already been said by those with louder voices , and better turns of phrase . But I feel as someone who has been a part of the Atheist/New Atheist movement for as long as I have must stand up and say "I reject that m...

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Club Nintendo Closing
Nintendo is closing Club Nintendo . This makes me suuuper sad. I mean, I've been a member since before it was even called Club Nintendo. I registered my GameBoy Advance SP alll the way back in 2004. It became Club Nintendo in 2009. This was a great way for ...
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