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Good article.  They are correct with this:
"The general rule is this: set up circumstances where the pain to them from having the NDA exceeds the extent to which they’re willing to trust you. Basically, this means that you have to make the NDA have potentially unpleasant legal consequences for them."

What I have done to avoid NDAs is to tell the company that as a principle I do not disclose client information to anyone.  But, the work I do is open content and open source.  If they want me to sign an NDA that retracts what I have done or limits what I will do in the future.  Then the cost of our contract will be $xxxx MILLIONS.  Since it will be my last contract.  I have had two customers walk away from talks after that.  The rest walked away from the NDA.  Those two; probably weren't good customers anyway.  :-)   
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