This does not bode well for the #oscon community. We still have more work to do making outsiders feel comfortable and welcome.

We have values: reserving judgment and respecting contributions of others is a huge part of what makes FOSS work. I am certain hat I would not be able to fill the role that Nixie takes. Just like she probably would have little taste for my job. We need her, and let's be frank... given the market demand for beautiful women doing YouTube videos, we need her more than she needs us. She could probably blog about toothpaste and eventually garner a million followers and make a living. We on the other hand, will not readily be able to find another person with her charisma, appeal and skillset who thinks that using the terminal is sexy.

As a recovering judgemental asshole ( now I am am less 'judgemental' ) I know how easy it is to make presumptions and how nice that pleasant condescending feeling can be. But the open source community needs to let that stuff go.

I've been quiet about this for almost 5 years, and now I break the silence. Please share if you care. ♥
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